4 Schemes and Groups That Help Students Save Money

It is easy to feel a little pressed for cash as a student of any age. Because of how hard you
need to study; it is nearly impossible to hold down a full-time job – meaning that you have to
rely upon part-time work or loans. However, there are many ways in which students are
blessed – one of which is the sheer abundance of money-saving schemes and organizations
that help them keep their cash in their wallets. Here are 4 useful schemes and groups that
students can take advantage of during their studies.


A laptop is a completely essential piece of equipment for any modern student. Laptops can
be used for media editing, essay writing, research, and almost any other task assigned in
class. Laptops are, however, rather expensive. Luckily, technology firms like Lenovo offer
computers for students at a considerable discount. The student market is absolutely huge for
laptop manufacturers, so it is in their interest to tempt in as many people attending college
as possible with extremely low prices. Your time as a student is undoubtedly the best time in
your life to purchase a good laptop.


As a student, you will find yourself needing to travel far more than you are used to. Luckily,
there are lots of schemes out there to help people in college afford to travel. From discounts
on bicycles to money off train tickets, students get a good deal when getting around. Leading
airlines also offer discounts for students and young travelers. They consider the discount
they give to be a worthwhile investment for the brand loyalty they think they might get from
prospective young travelers. There is never a better time to travel than when you are

Unions And Governments

Strong student unions and governments are advocates for student wellbeing, university
equality, and social responsibility. They can also help students save money in plenty of
ways. In Europe and the United Kingdom, student unions organize discounted facilities,
food, and drink for their members and pressure university leadership whenever decisions
about pricing are taken. Unfortunately, student unions are not common in the United States.
Instead, US colleges have organizations known as student governments, aiming to
represent college students in much the same way. Unlike traditional unions, student
governments have an incredibly varied degree of influence within university structures. If you
are going to college, make the most out of your student government and push for more
advocacy from its members.


Plenty of retail companies offer student discounts. Follow this link to see a very
comprehensive list of retail businesses that offer students significant discounts. Be warned:
you will be asked to show your student identification if you want to be considered eligible for
a discount. Whether you are buying clothing, food, hardware, or furniture, you will find that
you can get a good deal as a student if you put in the effort and do a little research to get the
bargains you need.

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