5 Reasons To Invest In A Classic Designer Bag And Which One To Choose

Buying a designer bag is an experience that really does teach a lesson in the value of money, taking special care of the things that you purchase, and how and what you consume. Once (and only once) you have the possibility to do so, a designer bag is an investment worth making. Since they are expensive, the most logical thing to do is to pick a classic and timeless style.

Which bag to should you invest in?

Investing in a classic designer bag, especially if it is your first one, should be a well thought out decision rather than a spur of the moment purchase. So Before making the purchase, consider the following:

  • What style of bag is your favorite and most worn?
  • What style bag would best fit your purpose for the purchase?
  • What color is easy to pair with your wardrobe?
  • What bag do you see yourself wearing in the years to come?
  • What bag you could wear year round?

As to “where” to purchase, aside from the designer’s boutique store there are online stores as well- an option that may even save you some coin. Websites like Luisaviaroma sell most designer labels, even for example Givenchy that has been women’s designer bag of choice for decades. Whatever your personal style may be, take into consideration the questions above to find the perfect designer bag fro you.

While filtering your options, please consider there is room for every style within the market. You are allowed to decide if you are wearing a brand new model or a preowned. At labelsociety.com, you will be pleased by the wide range of options that suit most tastes regarding designer handbags.

Still skeptical? Here are 5 (good) reasons to invest in a classic designer bag:

  1. Durability

A designer bag can withstand a lot, and the careful construction of it will mean (chances are low) your strap won’t break, the seams won’t split and the zipper won’t get stuck. In case anything does happen in terms of the construction of the bag, customer service is generally very good at these designer stores and you can repair any natural or inflicted damage for much less than paid.

  1. It goes with everything

You can dress up your classic bag, use it as your day-to-day go-to bag, or dress it down for a casual weekend outfit.

  1. You can pass it down

Since the quality is key for designer bags, it will last for years and if you want to, you can pass it down. Vintage bags are very sought after, and I have found that designer vintage bags, with their high quality, are in the best shape.

  1. You save money in the long term

Quality over quantity. When you buy an ‘affordable’ bag, chances are high that it’ll fall apart rather quickly and you will need to buy a new one every two, three+ months to replace it. You can actually end up spending a lot more money than if you were to buy one classic designer bag. The initial investment for a high-end bag does come with a higher price tag, so when you buy a classic style that you will use consistently, consider the price per wear value over the many years you will have that bag.

  1. Resell value

On the off chance that you want to sell your bag, a luxury bag retains a portion of its original value making it possible for you to resell it at a fair price if you maintain it well.

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