5 Tips for International Business Travelers

The world is fast becoming a smaller space. On average over 9,000 flights per day left the UK alone in 2019, most of which were not just for pleasure. In a lot of jobs, travelling is now part and partial of the role itself, especially if you find yourself in a senior management or sales career. But if you’re new to travelling for work, there are a few key things you may miss on your first couple of visits.

Here are our top five tips for you as you begin your international business travels.

  1. Find top quality apartments to stay in.

Forget about hotels, they’re a thing of the past. Often are most expensive than your company will allow for – serviced apartments may just be what you’re looking for. They offer pretty much all the same amenities as a hotel, but better! You’ll have housekeeping, laundry, a reception, internet access, a reception and sometimes even a gym.

For example, if you’re heading to Asia, corporate serviced apartments in Singapore, are often much more cost effective than their hotel equivalent – plus you get the ultimate flexibility with them too.

  1. Rest up before you go.

Sounds pretty obvious, but it’s incredibly important to get your beauty sleep before you jet off. Whatever you do, don’t expect to get any rest when you arrive – often you’ll be expected to jump right back into your work when you get there, whether that’s at your hotel or in an office.

  1. Eat smart and hydrate.

Nowadays, you don’t tend to have to worry too much about the food quality in many parts of the world. However, nothing is worse than an upset stomach while you’re away on business. If you can, avoid raw fruit or veg unless they have a thick peel like an orange, that you can peel yourself. Stick to bottled water for both drinking and brushing your teeth depending on where you are travelling to. Oh, and make sure everything is cooked thoroughly!

  1. Learn some key phrases.

Thank you and please never go amiss, regardless of where you’re flying to. At a minimum learn these, but try and learn other phrases as well. Whether that’s being able to ask where the toilet is, the nearest taxi rank or the street where your temporary base is, honestly, it’ll help!

  1. Find out ahead of time about your mobile phone and internet.

Let’s be real, most companies work via the internet these days. We’d all be lost without it! So, if you’re company aren’t paying your phone bill, find out how much it will be to make calls and text if you need to. Where possible use the internet, but it’s best to check up on these costs before you travel so you’re not stung with an unexpected bill when you get back. If you plan on conducting a lot of online business whilst overseas it might be worthwhile joining a local co-working space for the duration of your stay. Co-working spaces are particularly prevalent in major metropolitan cities such as Melbourne and often come inclusive of useful perks, such as unlimited high-speed internet and phone use.

Wherever you’re next international business trip takes you, remember above all to stay safe. Be vigilant and if you can do, always travel between locations (for work or for dinner in the evening for example) with someone else.

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