5 Ways to Keep the Peace on an All-Female Team

Women-led technology companies are more capital efficient, achieve 25 percent higher ROI and bring in 12 percent more revenue than men when venture-backed, according to research from this year’s Women 2.0 conference.

Results like these mean these leaders are doing it right. So, how do you prevent sorority-girl antics in an office full of women?

BUNDSHOP cofounder and marketing director, Stephany Zoo, offers the five following tips:

Keep a happy list.
All of us can be moody at times and different things make different people tick.  “During the onboarding process, try requesting new employees send in a list of 8 to 15 things that make them happy,” says Zoo. “When we can tell someone is having a bad day, we surprise them with something from their happy list.”

Small things go a long way.

Nip conflicts in the bud.
“It’s better to confront than to draw out,” Zoo says. Create a safe space where employees can come to leadership with what they’re upset about.  “At the beginning of our weekly meeting we have a time when everyone is welcome to voice their concerns.” She says they feel they can speak freely about other employees, partners of the firm, and clients or projects. “Because of this ethos, employees know it’s more productive to deal with conflicts head on instead of wasting time circumventing.”

Steer clear during that time of the month.
“It’s harsh reality, but if the women in your office are spending a lot of time together, they will inevitably sync their cycles,” admits Zoo. “Sometimes the best (and maybe only) thing you can do is allow a couple of work-from-wherever days.”  Her company has found that productivity actually rises during that time.

Leave your ego at the door.
Sometimes we forget to check our diva fans at the door. “Before you let your emotions or pettiness get ahead of yourself, remember your duty is first and foremost to be a professional,” she insists. When you’re part of a team, it’s not always about you.

Hire a man. 
“Unless there’s a terribly specific reason to have an all-female office, you should probably hire some variation,” suggests Zoo. Men allot for diversity in opinions and your company’s ability to attract top male talent – in very much the same way women look for diversity in male-dominated environments.

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By L. Nicole Williams

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