6 Modern Bedroom Ideas for the Sleekest Space Ever

This month, it’s all about clearing out the home, your room, your office, and even your heart. Following modern trends has now seen a lot of people move their items into a separate room, making their bedrooms more simplistic than ever before. Instead of overcrowded spaces, people have ditched their wardrobes and often have a bed, lamp and a dresser instead.

It can make your room look a lot bigger and minimize unnecessary clutter, to make it look the best it can be, we’ve put a list together of our favorite ideas to make your bedroom look modern and spacious.

Ditch the carpet.
There have been countless trends when it comes to the bedroom floor, and the latest is to get rid of your old carpet. Many people are swapping out their carpets for sleek wood flooring. While some people do add a rug as well, simple hard flooring is definitely a style decision that can make your room look more modern – it also appears bigger too.

Get a bed with storage space.
If you’re looking to make your room more spacious but don’t have anywhere to store your things, it worth looking into a bed that features storage. Consider shopping around and going to a specialist such Divan Beds Centre that supply great looking beds featuring drawers within the frame. Instead of filling your room with clutter you can simply tuck it away under the bed creating a clean minimalist feel in the room.  

Get yourself some hanging lights.
There is nothing that will make your bedroom look modern like some low hanging lights. They work as both a lamp and the main light and they transform your room from looking plain to glamorous. Sometimes getting rid of the rest of your items can make your room look a little too empty, so some hanging lights is always going to spruce it up a little.

Add a simple chair.
When the rest of your things are gone, sometimes you need to add that little something so your room doesn’t look completely empty. Adding a simple sitting chair in the corner ensures it doesn’t look plain, and you can add a statement cushion to give it a little extra glam. If you opt for a small chair rather than an armchair, it’ll look even more subtle, and if you’re going for minimalism it’ll definitely go with your theme.

Place a throw on your bed.
When you’re clearing out your bedroom for the modern look, you should make your bed slightly busier instead. Accessorize it with a number of throw pillows and throw blankets. It’ll look casual while pulling everything together. Perhaps match your throw blanket to the cushion you’ve placed on your chair. One of the most important things about a modern room is ensuring everything matches.

Add photos to your wall.
If you add a couple of simple photos to your wall, this will add something extra to your room without adding physical clutter. Keep the frames black and white and this will ensure your room looks more modern than ever. There are a number of things that would work with a modern room, including quotes, photos of classic Hollywood stars or attractive typography designs.

A modern room is becoming increasingly popular and keeping it simple is the best way to achieve the look.

Photo by Awed Creative

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