7 Phone-Related Apps and Website Services You Never Knew You Needed

There are all kinds of apps and websites out there that you rarely hear about. Yet, they are super useful and it is surprising how often they can come in handy. Below are some of the phone related ones I have recently discovered.

Reverse phone lookup services: If you have missed a phone call, but, do not recognize the number you can use the white pages phone number lookup service to find out who it was. Their database is quite extensive. Armed with the information that they provide you can decide whether you should call that person or organization back or not.

A live call screening service: Nobody likes receiving spam calls. They take up time you do not have and it can be worrying knowing that a stranger has got your number from somewhere. The Hiya app is a surprisingly effective way to screen most of these unwanted phone calls out. As you can see here, it currently works in 13 countries.

Boost the volume of your mobile calls: If you are hard of hearing or have difficulty in filtering out background noise when taking phone calls you may benefit from using Volume Booster Pro by GOODEV. It is a surprisingly effective app.

The ability to record your phone calls: Sometimes it can be handy to have an accurate record of the calls that you make. For example, if you ring a store to make a complaint about a product or enquire about the specifications of a product or service. You can download apps that enable you to do this.

But, surprisingly, the facility to record calls is probably already built into your operating system. All you need to do is to go online and learn how to do it.

Keeping your apps organized: If you have a lot of apps, finding the one you want can become a bit of a challenge. Again, most smartphones offer several ways to organize and search your list of apps. So, if you have not already done so find out about each of them and give them a try. There are articles on Lifehack.org ad Makeuseof.com to help you to do exactly that.

Install Notes for your phone: Most of us have the Notes program installed on our laptops and use it a lot. Yet, relatively people have the smartphone version installed. It is silly to dig around in your bag or pockets looking for a pen and paper when you have your phone in your hand. Installing notes on your phone will stop you from having to do this.

Your phone provider’s app: Keeping track of the calls you make, messages you send and how much data you use is quite important. In particular, if you are traveling abroad. In all likelihood, you will be paying considerably more for these services, which means that it is all too easy to overspend. So, don’t forget to install your mobile service provider’s app on your phone.

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