Letting Go of Trying Harder to Fuel Your New Future Success

How are you? I’d love to hear how you are doing in the early stages of this pivotal new year. I sense some of us are destined to break out of old programming/paradigm success recipes more than ever. 

To the brave and beautiful women of the Pink community, I bow to your perseverance and your new potential. This is our tipping point year, oh wise ones. There’s an energy that wants to rise and shine through you, differently. 

There is a lion-hearted, beautiful, badass essence inside of you. It’s been covered up for a long time with
many subtle, subconscious layers. Would you like to set it free? 

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You inherited hard work and responsibility. How is that going when you look across a spreadsheet or across the room in a meeting, or into the eyes of loved ones, and when you really look inside your truest heart on Monday mornings? 

Let’s face it, being a “good leader” is harder than ever. The Barbie film rant speech does not cover it- I’m sorry. 

Well-intended, popular advice and your own thinking norms/ former winning strategy inclinations will tell you to keep trying in a zig paradigm. 

I want you to be newly equipped you to have the courage, champion support and volition to zag, from the inside out. 

The “zig” habits and “trying harder” ways may give you temporary positive feelings and results, but ultimately recycle some sort of disappointment or just less than your best flow for the joy, impact and prosperity that could be!

What’s been blowing my mind, opening my heart and raising the effective “essence frequency” in me and a handful of clients recently is a different level of breakthrough. 

We’re going for actualizing the Einstein idiom about not solving problems from the same level of thinking. Your intelligence and spidey sense are probably telling you that something wants to shift.

To say, “resolutions don’t work” is old news. You’re hip to the pitfalls of trying harder mostly with positive thinking or punitive pushing from clever inner critics, right?  That “S.M.A.R.T.” goal thing is from 1981.

You deserve better. The world deserves the better you. 

It’s not easy to break free of default habit patterns and outer pressures. 

That’s why this new approach is about mastery. The New MLA Mastery of Leadership Arts tools will help liberate you out of that insidious, inherited “seeker-achiever trying treadmill” and wake up to your truly inspired, joy-fueled flow– beyond all of our past stories and strategies. 

The good news is this includes coming from an infinite wellspring of L.O.V.E. (Limitless Omnipotent Vitality Emerging) that can dissolve any fear and reboot your inner sovereignty above any external seduction. 

Yes, you can wake up inspired, make a difference, make money, make peace with the past, make new friends, and create a whole new story.

What would you love to be feeling and celebrating at the end of this year? 

I know your heart cares about bringing out the best in yourself and others. I wonder if you also might be trying to do a great job and be happy in life, yet end up feeling disheartened or depleted, yet keep showing up to “not let them down” and such.

My heart wants your heart to sing with authentic gratitude and healthy pride on New Year’s Eve, 2024. 

So, what will it take to get you there? Please don’t let the seeker-achiever conditioned mind and other norms rob you of the chance to wake up to the life you’re meant to lead. 

What if your most important job is not what you think? 

I have fantastic news. What will actually bust open your greatest fulfillment and effectiveness in synch with your true spirit is a whole new way to relate to pause, trust and play, not more figuring things out and working harder. 

It’s a wonderful paradox. To allow your greatest work to flow, you need to let go of trying to do a good job. 

Envision a new way to liberate a 3.0 version of your new future self. 

No matter how long we’ve been working on ourselves, we all have some level of subconscious, insidious programming and cultural paradigm pressures still trying to run us. We’re also bombarded by weapons of mass distraction daily. 

If we let it, that is a slow drip descent into a life less than what you are here for. This may not be all the way on the surface of your awareness. So, give yourself the gift of learning how to pause and shift in a new way… to let go of trying to be a good girl or boy and wake up to your greatest Joy.  

The MLA wants to equip you with Jedi mastery magic and fortitude with everything that comes into your inbox and nervous system. Consider not just surpassing your past achievements or disappointments, but transcending your conditioned mind’s programming and current paradigm limitations. 

Early adopter MLA-equipped leaders are celebrating a new kind of flow…

I’m a totally different person. This approach opened up questions I didn’t expect to question. Like an awakening. Now, I feel empowered to lead in a way that’s in line with my deep personal values and greater potential. My boss and direct reports feel and applaud this difference and I’m excited to keep growing and evolving.” – Laura Wensley, VP

After 27 years of the privilege of working with bright leaders and complex human beings like you– this is the code-breaking, reverse-engineering liberation into your personal fulfillment, new potential with the people and projects you care about most, and possibly being the change you’d love to pay forward for our better future.

What if 2024 could be your “leap year” into a new way of living and leading? 

Imagine we’re in front of each other, and I’ve asked, “How are you?” Notice the “fine” or “good” impulse. Nothing wrong with that. Now, please take a generous, self-empowering breath, drop into your body, and then your heart of hearts, and inquire within for a deeper truth. Lean into being more vulnerable, honest and taking advantage of supportive, confidential listening that truly wants to get you more than ever. 

Imagine a compassionate, non-judging, unconditionally loving, wise champion council holding space for you- like an awesome inner campfire circle. You are the most important thing in the universe right now, and we want to know…How are you- really? What are your secret hungers or hopes? Triumphs or concerns? Different parts of you may feel differently. We all have “uh-oh” parts and more perky cheerleaders in there, et al. Let them all begin to have a voice at our campfire. Your ability to have more sensitive awareness about your inner world is an imperative skill for mastery level success flowing forward with response-agility amidst ambitious goals and uncertain, uncharted waters ahead. 

In the next post, I’ll attempt to explain part of the breakthrough “technology” that’s happening (when we “saw the light” of this powerful shift methodology, and new results starting, I had to change the way I work with leaders).

In the meantime, please play with practicing that self-loving breath, cultivating awareness of “How are you?” from the inside out, and let that inner champion team love you up some more. 

“Some [wo]men see things as they are, and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.”

– George Bernard Shaw

By Marianne Baker

Named one of the 50 top executive coaches in America, Marian Baker is a catalyst for a new approach to fueling your greater joy, impact, real prosperity and our new future. With the privilege of working with bright leaders and nuanced human beings for 27 years, this work has evolved into a 3.0 upgrade to mastering your root cause inner alchemy and effective, enjoyable outer abundance. Free resources/Learn more here: https://www.masteryofleadershiparts.com/connect

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