A Chakra-Friendly Diet for the Entrepreneur

Building a business takes strength, and I’m not talking muscle mass. Entrepreneurial muscles need strengthening, and rather than repeating external work—spreadsheets and phone calls—you can gain muscle through practicing exercises of internal work—mindset and energy. Food has always been an indicator of well-being; they say you are what you eat. If that were true, I’d be a glob of peanut butter. But here I am, full of cells (and, OK, a little peanut butter). While we may not be the literal manifestation of the foods we digest, what we choose to put in our bodies does affect us. Chakras are rainbows of wheel-like energy centers that reflect our consciousness and run the length of our spines. They help ensure that our bodies are running as they should, whether it be organ function, immune system or emotions. Each chakra has a different vibrational frequency that gets out of whack when we don’t take care of ourselves and our mental blocks. Just like our physical bodies, our chakras need to be nourished with the right food. What we generate tends to determine what we receive, and through unblocking and balancing our chakras, we equip ourselves with the necessary internal tools that will set our businesses up for success. So revise your to-do list, scratch color-coding your sticky notes and create a chakra-friendly grocery list.

1. Root Chakra
Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is responsible for feelings of security and stability. It acts as energetic roots that connect us to the earth, ensuring nourishment and a sense of belonging. This chakra informs our business’ foundation and, more specifically, mission. If you don’t know your Why with a capital “w,” spend some time connecting with your root chakra.

Grocery Items:
The root chakra is red; avoid eating lots of red food if yours is overactive, and counteract it with green. Kiwis, spinach, lettuce, zucchini, and avocado are all options that will help balance an overactive root chakra. However, if yours is underactive, amplify your consumption of red foods: red bell peppers, strawberries, beets, tomatoes, and raspberries.

Check out these recipes to balance your root chakra:

  1. https://www.elizabethrider.com/zucchini-noodles-with-avocado-pesto/
  2. (https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/90500/beet-salad-with-goat-cheese/)

2. Sacral Chakra
Located a little below the navel, the sacral chakra is associated with emotions and sexuality, encouraging creativity. This chakra shows up in our businesses as dispelling money blocks and actively manifesting success, opening a space for creation. Ask yourself WWMD (What Would Money Do)—nothing, money is neutral! So grab your wallet and invest in yourself!

Grocery Items:
The sacral chakra is orange; mangoes, carrots, oranges, sweet potatoes, and squashes all help balance it.  Also, make sure to throw a reusable water bottle in your cart! A proponent of letting go and embracing fluidity, water is essential in unblocking this chakra, so stay hydrated wherever you go.

Check out the recipes to balance your sacral chakra:

  1. http://www.freefromheaven.com/2015/11/how-to-make-perfect-sweet-potato-fries/
  2. https://eathealthyeathappy.com/cinnamon-coconut-ice-cream-vegan-gluten-free/

3. Solar Plexus Chakra
Spinning in the solar plexus region of the body (upper belly), the solar plexus chakra is the source of personal power. It is associated with self-esteem and the authentic self. This chakra guides us to work on negative self-talk that arises in entrepreneurship and use the resulting positive self-talk to accomplish goals.

Grocery Items:
The solar plexus chakra is yellow and can be balanced and unblocked through yellow foods, such as corn, lemons and bananas, fermented foods, including yogurt and kombucha, and whole grains. Foods that nourish this chakra aim to transform energy from the root and sacral chakras and transport it to the heart chakra, so give your body the good stuff to aid that energy movement.

Check out these recipes to balance your solar plexus chakra:

  1. http://jordannalevin.com/turmeric-crepe/
  2. https://fitfoodiefinds.com/video-peanut-butter-banana-overnight-oats/

4. Heart Chakra
In the center of the chest, the heart chakra is where love and compassion for the self and others cultivate. This chakra revolves around openness and relationships. It also acts as the bridge between earthly affairs and spiritual aspirations. This shows up in our businesses as reciprocative relationships: between you and employees, company and client, and you and your sense of self. These relationships are successful through a focus on teamwork, strengths, acceptance, and forgiveness. Instead of avoiding that co-worker with the side-eye, maybe offer them a sip of your green smoothie!

Grocery Items:
Associated with green, the heart chakra can be balanced through a lush diet. Nutritious vegetables such as kale, bok choy, broccoli, and spinach are all balanced foods that aid in the balance of this chakra. Limes and avocados also help restore a harmonious heart chakra.

Check out these recipes to balance your heart chakra:

  1. https://www.yogiapproved.com/yum/balance-your-heart-chakra-with-this-delicious-meal-plan/
  2. https://www.veggiessavetheday.com/raw-key-lime-pie/

5. Throat Chakra
Located in the center of the neck at the throat, the throat chakra motivates expression and communication. Due to its position in the body, this chakra also connects to the spirit. Sharing truth, both verbally and nonverbally, internally and externally, is central to this chakra. The throat chakra also emphasizes creativity and a sense of purpose. This shows up in our businesses when communicating purpose and expressing vision, allowing customers, clients, and employees the ability to connect with our mission and truth. So do as your parents taught you, and watch your language.

Grocery Items:
The throat chakra is blue and, while blue foods rarely occur in nature, blueberries are a common food to balance this chakra. Fruits that grow on trees such as pears, apples, and apricots are also beneficial.

Water is another main way to maintain a healthy throat chakra; so make sure to fill up that reusable bottle you purchased earlier!

Check out these recipes for a balanced throat chakra:

  1. https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2015/06/30/3-ingredient-blueberry-yogurt-swirl-popsicles/
  2. http://thechalkboardmag.com/ways-to-use-coconut-water-salad-dressing

6. Third Eye Chakra
Positioned between the eyebrows, the third eye chakra governs intuition and is the center for insight and wisdom. This chakra allows for sensing subtle energies. This shows up in business as anticipating the unknown—be in touch with your dream, allow yourself to be open to possibilities, and have confidence in your purpose.

Grocery Items:
The third eye chakra is indigo. Purple foods such as acai, grapes and blackberries increase this chakra’s functionality as well as nuts, seeds and legumes, equipped with chakra-balancing antioxidants.

Check out these recipes to balance your third eye chakra:

  1. http://jordannalevin.com/raw-cacao-granola-bliss-balls/
  2. https://minimalistbaker.com/how-to-make-nut-butter/

7. Crown Chakra
Spinning at the top of the head, the crown chakra allows access and awareness of high consciousness. It inspires liberation, limitlessness and bliss, enabling connection with the universal. This shows up in business as transparent imperfections. Being open about mistakes and struggles allows employees and clients to connect deeper and feel comfortable in their own humanity. Next time you burn popcorn in the communal microwave, own up to it!

Grocery Items:
The crown chakra is white and is nourished with love and a connection to spirituality rather than specific foods. Light meals and drinks like ginger orange honey tea, along with reflective meditative practices help balance this chakra. Grab your fave seasonal tea from the shelf, and energize your crown chakra.

So go home, change out of those navy slacks into yoga pants, stuff your car with reusable bags and head to your grocery store of choice. You’ll wake up in the morning ready for banana pancakes (https://snapguide.com/guides/make-2-ingredient-banana-egg-pancakes/) to fuel your esteem, kickstart your day and get your business back in gear.

By Sigal Kahn

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