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About Little PINK Book:

Little PINK Book is your mentor, career coach, financial advisor, entrepreneurship expert and office style maven — all rolled into one. Little PINK Book is a short daily e-note that comes right to your inbox with tools, resources and expert advice on everything working women need to know. We bring you the latest data, trends, tips and inspiration for all aspects of your career — whether you’re a small business owner, a top exec, middle management or anywhere in between. Little PINK Book is America’s #1 digital platform for ambitious, intelligent women who are passionate about making a difference.

More than 80 percent of readers say Little PINK Book has helped their career:  

“I love the e-Notes, and look forward every morning to reading the advice and encouragement it offers. Because of this I am opening my own firm! Please continue your mission.” P. Angelicia  

“As an American living in Sweden… it is great that PINK [is] helping to make [sustainability] more mainstream, and recognizing female leadership.” Elaine Weidman


“Sometimes we need just a little reminder … to remember who we are, why we’re so great and what value we bring to the table…[to] charge forward with confidence. A huge ‘thank you!'” Anonymous

“I get a lot of “stuff” in my inbox every morning, most of which I delete before even reading. However I always stop for a few minutes to read yours, and it’s always worth my while. Thank you for promoting, teaching and inspiring women! Keep up the good work!” Nadja Piatka

Why do we need Little PINK Book?

Though women are a powerful force, spending $20 trillion each year, by most accounts women’s advancement has stalled. Women still hold just 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEO spots and the pay gap still hovers at more than 20 percent. According to Little PINK Book’s own research, 72 percent of women haven’t asked for a raise in more than a year and crucial conversations often go so poorly that one out of five women has left a job.

Founded by activist and author Cynthia Good and supported by a team of extraordinary, talented and dedicated women, Little PINK Book promises to help professional women break through obstacles and elevate themselves, and those in their midst, in the modern day workplace.

Every woman deserves the chance to take charge of her own career and destiny. All she needs is Little PINK Book — and the courage to do what she loves.

Little PINK Book has donated more than $70,000 to nonprofits supporting women and girls and reaches women across the U.S. and in 126 foreign countries to help them create a beautiful career and a beautiful life.


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