Beauty Businesses You Can Start from Home in 2021

The hair and beauty industry in the UK is booming. Generating over £7.5bn for the British economy, the industry is only set to grow. Whether you currently work in a salon and are looking at starting one alone or you’re looking at a career change, and love the freedom that working from home offers – we have rounded up some of the BEST beauty businesses that you can start from home. 

Hair Stylist 

If you have hairdressing or styling skills, an at-home salon is a great option for you to earn a new source of income. Start-up costs are relatively low, as the essential salon kit comprises scissors, combs, brushes, hairdryers, stylers, and of course, hair products. Maintenance and cleaning equipment like dustpan and brushes are fairly inexpensive too.

There are a number of professional styling brands out there, so it’s important to try out a range of hair products and find the ones you enjoy working with.

Beauty Therapist

Beauty therapists can specialize in a number of different treatments. Whether your passion lies in traditional forms of beauty therapy, like manicures, pedicures, eyebrow tinting and shaping, and waxing. If you’re more interested in complementary therapies like aromatherapy massage,  reflexology, and reiki, setting up shop at home is simple to do. 

A converted shed or spare bedroom are ideal places for therapy rooms – as long as they’re warm! 

Makeup Artist

Now that weddings and even a night out are back in the cards, makeup artists are in big demand. From bridal to occasion, camouflage to day makeup, there is no shortage of makeup styles that people are looking for.

You can even collaborate with bridal shops, hair salons, and boutique clothing shops to cross-promote and increase your market reach. 

Beauty Retailer

If you’re not interested in becoming a qualified beauty therapist or hairstylist, you could become a beauty retailer. Setting up an online shop has never been easier.

You can sell homemade products or big brand names. Decide on your niche and start selling. There are a number of beauty brands that have affiliate programs and beauty consultant roles for those looking to become beauty retailers.

Beauty Influencer

Beauty is big business and social media is playing a massive role in this surge. If you’re a whizz with technology and have the time, creativity, and know-how to create eye-catching videos then becoming a beauty influencer is a great option for you.

Whether your niche is creating transformational beauty looks, inspiring hair tutorials, beauty hacks, or even how-to guides, beauty influencers can make big bucks once they reach the right follower numbers.


Images by Gustavo Scafeli and Johan Mouchet

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