Best Tips For Decor Signs Your Wedding Guests Will Love

Not only do wedding signs make a visual splash at your ceremony and reception, they can be incredibly helpful too. Wedding decor signs are a great way to set the tone and create a focal point for cute wedding pics, and to designate areas for specific use.

We’re here to show you a few examples of when and how to use wedding signs to inspire your big day.

  1. Wedding welcome signs

Strategically placed wedding welcome signs will let your guests know that they’ve arrive at the right place. This creates a sense of confidence as they walk through the entrance to your ceremony and reception, which is a great way to kick off the events.

“Robert and Sarah’s Wedding” is perfectly acceptable, but we encourage you to get creative – and maybe a little funny – with your wedding signs and let your guests know to get ready for good times.

  1. Wedding Guidance

A series of guide signs will do wonders to help get your guests from one area to another. Use cute chalkboard wedding signs to point them towards the main banquet hall area and additional wedding signage to get them to the photo booth area, bathroom, lounge, or any other special space.

  1. Theme Call Out

Some weddings are super serious, some are funny, some are over-the-top creative, and some are just classic fun. Let you guests know where you stand with wedding phrases and other cool signs. “All you need is love” is a sentiment that anyone can get behind.

  1. Musical Chairs

Having to ask someone to leave their seat because they sat at the wrong table is uncomfortable for everyone. Clearly marked reserved seating signage and table signs go a long way in avoiding confrontation and provide you with a great opportunity to get creative.


  1. Crowd Interaction

You’re paying a lot for your wedding photographer and it’s often difficult to capture what your guests are thinking and feeling. Get your money’s worth by dishing out weddings sayings for cards printed on handheld signs. You’ll certainly get a few adorable smiles from the flower girl, and you’ll get a real kick out of the junior usher holding a sign that says “Hurry up, I want cake”.

  1. Grand Exit

Wedding chalkboard signs can also be used during your getaway. These can be simple thank you signs that leave your guests feeling appreciated. Or, they can be cute archway signs that say “the journey begins” that the bride and groom dash through as they set off on their honeymoon.

  1. Special Areas

“No Good Story Ever Started With Someone Eating A Salad” is a hilarious way to identify the open bar. Use this mentality wherever you can to spread joy and laughter – after all, Happily Ever After is what weddings are all about.

  1. One More For The Photo Album

Both the bride and groom will be working through bundles of nerves during the walk down the aisle. As the groom stands at the altar, and the bride’s ankles start to quiver as she takes her first step down the aisle, just imaging how the stress will melt away when she sees him holding a sign that says “Last chance to run”. They’ll both give each other a knowing smile, and there’ll be nothing but love left in the room.

  1. Missed Opportunities

Signs have their place throughout your wedding. For example, rehearsal dinners or bridal shower signs that poke fun at the couple really help to break the stress of all the planning and the not-uncommon cold feet.

Clearly a clever sign serves a few purposes. They provide emotion, direction, and great photographs for the wedding album. Your guests will love the experience as it happens, and each and every written word will force the memories to flood in as you look at your pictures in the years to come.

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