Beyond the Horizon

“You cannot believe how many people want my job,” says Peg Walsh, founder and president, St. Barth’s Properties.

Her days begin with a coffee in one hand, a baguette in the other and views of St. Maarten across the water.

Walsh runs one of the Caribbean’s most prestigious luxury villa rental and real estate companies and spends the better half of each year living in one of the earth’s most beautiful places — St. Barth.

Her days are spent inspecting mulitimillion dollar villas and exploring the island’s newest restaurants.

“I’m not chained to my desk,” she tells PINK. “I have to try all the restaurants since we give our clients nine pages of helpful hints when they arrive.”

Named one of The Top Villa Rental Specialists Worldwide by Condé Nast Traveler, Walsh says she’s a lucky one. “I’m very proud and grateful that my dream job is my day-to-day job.”

This March the happily married mother of three celebrates 25 years in the business she started with just $1,000 and a fax machine, from a desk in her husband’s dental office.

The business has grown to offer more than 160 private villas and hotels with weekly rates ranging from about $10,000 to “a couple hundred thousand over Christmas.”

Want to know what it’s like dealing with A-list clients and celebrities, and how her big personality, support from her husband and a leadership style built on trust and passion fuel her success? Read our full interview!

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By: Cynthia Good

“If you’re willing to start with nothing, check your ego at the door, and work hard, there’s nothing you can’t do.” Peg Walsh 

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