Business Brochures that Work

Business Brochures that Work

Your customer holds your brochure – and your business – in her hands. Here’s how to keep her attention.

By Melissa Crowe

An effective brochure represents your organization when you can’t be there by clearly outlining your brand and what your company has to offer. Here are some strategies to create a brochure that will help close the deal.

Hook ’em with the headline. An effective headline lists the interests and perceived problems of a company’s target audience. Present your company’s solutions in a few short paragraphs. Many small-business professionals mistakenly lead with basic information about the company; but to capture an audience’s attention – and ensure they will continue reading – make it about them. Appeal to them by showing you understand their needs and can fulfill them – then describe your company.

Cover the basics. Include the company name, at least two methods of contact, a logo and a tagline. All text should be in brief, easy-to-read blocks for clarity. Add graphic images and photos of your product – perhaps in use – but don’t add many personal photos unless the company is small and informal.

Keep it simple. Limit the included information to what will engage and impress the reader enough to make her want to talk to a sales rep or check out your website, which can explain the rest. Too much information will confuse the audience and dilute core messages.

Include a call to action. Don’t assume your audience will be moved to contact you after they read your well-crafted brochure. Include a call to action – perhaps a free product sample, estimate or gift offer – or a discount if they act quickly.

Show confidence in your product. Like a handshake, a brochure can convey confidence and competence. The weight, texture and overall look and feel will get your readers’ attention. High-quality paper with a glossy finish make brochures pop and stand above the crowd.

Melissa Crowe is vice president of marketing services at VistaPrint, an online supplier of graphic design and printed products to small businesses and consumers. 

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