Want an Upgrade?

Oh, how you miss the Four Seasons. But your business travel budget isn’t what it once was – and most companies won’t increase funds this year. So how can you turn your economy room into a luxurious experience?

“When I’m on the road, I work 24/7,” says Carol Margolis, founder of SmartWomenTravelers.com, an online community. So she requests a shut-down call – like a wake-up call but two hours before bed. “Left to my own devices, I’ll work until I can’t see. But I like focus on myself for a bit.”

To feel pampered she asks for what she wants (ask for an upgrade) and brings easy-to-pack items that “change the way you think about your hotel room.”

Create a Spa: Margolis packs raw sugar, a non-liquid item she can mix with facial cleanser and body lotion to create scrubs. “And I call the in-house restaurant and ask for cucumbers for my eyes and a lemon for astringent.”

Set the Mood: “Many hotels don’t like candles,” so she uses battery-operated, artificial tea candles. Her pillow speaker allows her to listen to her iPod while in the tub and sleeping. “And I love lavender, so I pack my Zen’s Purple Garden pillow sachet.”

Bring Home Here: She packs family photos in plastic frames (we also like these folding leather frames) and a card from her husband. “I look at that, and I’m back at home.”

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“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”
Susan Sontag

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