Career-Ruining Social Media Mistakes

We’re far enough along in all things social media that most people should be aware of how damaging these sites can be for their careers. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of things to learn for many people. Social media can still ruin careers, sometimes even before they get started.

It’s not enough just to set your privacy settings to the highest security level anymore.

There are ways around those privacy settings, and the following are some of the most important things to keep in mind if you want to avoid having social media ruin your career.

Video Recordings
It seems like people are constantly taking videos and recording moments on their smartphones. You might not even realize you’re being recorded, but if you are and it’s uploaded to social media, it can cause huge problems. For example, are you berating an employee of a store, or treating a waiter or waitress unkindly? You might be recorded.

Another area to think about are dash cams in Lyft and Uber vehicles. According to the rideshare blog Ridester, it’s important for drivers to protect themselves against liability with the use of dash cams.

On the other side of that, however, are the recordings of passengers. A few years ago a Taco Bell executive was recorded berating and assaulting an Uber driver, and it led to the demise of his career after the video went viral.

Sometimes being aware of your social media footprint can require that you think about how you’re treating people, and when you could be potentially recorded.

Eliminate the Drama
A lot of people think their personal drama won’t affect their chances of landing their dream job, but it can. It’s important to do an audit of your social media profiles, and make sure it comes off as professional, rather than full of drama.

For example, don’t bad-mouth employers, even if they’re not your current employer. You don’t want a new potential employer to see this and think they might be treated the same way.

Try to keep personal fights and relationship info far away from your social media as well. It can come off as childish, and it may appear to an employer as if you’re someone who struggles with interpersonal relationships.

Also, as far as politics, social media has become the ultimate platform for rants and sharing personal opinions. While it’s your right to do so, are you sure that you want current or future employers seeing this?

A good rule of thumb for social media is to avoid oversharing on any topic, from relationships to health.

Watch Out For Your Friends
Finally, you may be aware of what you’re posting on social media, and you may try to keep it professional, but can you say the same for your friends?

You need to make sure you’re not letting friends post inappropriate comments on your social media, and don’t let them tag any incriminating photos.

You can create settings that keep your friends from posting on your profiles or tagging you in things that aren’t flattering, so make sure you do this.

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