Cleaning House… Five Ways To Declutter Your Home Office Space

Being able to work from home or run a business from home is rather a privilege. You get to create an office space from the spare room that houses everything that you could possibly need as a small business owner. It’s the space where you’re able to be the most productive, the most focused, and the readiest to get up and go. The thing is, home offices are easily the place for all the stuff in the house that needs to be ‘dumped’ out of the way. While this clutter may seem harmless, having a lot of clutter in your home and workspace can present real-life challenges. Discover here how you can improve your waste management by having a residential dumpster in your neighborhood.

Stuff makes for distractions. Distractions make for half-hearted attempts at working and that means less than ideal work for clients. It’s a bad cycle to get caught in, really, and you need to get yourself out of that cycle as soon as possible so that you can actually enjoy your work and feel more inclined to be productive with it. So, with a little time, a few boxes for storage and a killer motivational playlist, follow what you can get rid of easily from your home office to make it the space that you need it to be.

Wiring. Believe it or not, there are tons of people out there that find a spare cable and decide that they may need it in a month and so keep it. Offices are generally the place that people keep cables and wiring collecting dust. If you have cables laying around that you don’t use too often, keep them in a dry storage box in a closet. They don’t need to be in sight if you don’t use them!

Old Equipment. That old computer tower makes for a good coffee holder, but you really don’t need it in your office, do you? Use a company like Equify LLC to auction your office equipment and raise a little cash doing it. Not only will you free up some floor space, you’ll be able to get some new tech!

Doubles. Do you really need six staplers when you don’t even have paperwork in the office? No, of course you don’t. Go through all your drawers and cupboards and get rid any duplicates. You can donate them to your local school if you don’t want to hold onto them and can’t sell them.

Paperwork. All you need to have as a business is six years of paperwork, not twenty-six years. Start sifting through all the paperwork that you have in the office and thin it right down. Have a high-powered shredder by your side to make sure that confidential information is destroyed.

Swag Bags. It’s been two years, you no longer need that paper bag with the looped handles full of erasers and logo calendars that are out of date. Everyone loves conference goodies, but there is no need to keep hold of them this long. Sift them out and bin them.

A good clear out does wonders for the mind as well as the space you have that is already limited. Clear your office and watch your productivity soar.

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