Creating A Memorable Brand: What New Business Leaders Need to Know

It is no secret that businesses have some fierce competition. In order to help them stand out and become memorable to their customers, it is crucial that a strong brand identity is created. 

Several factors, such as your name and your logo, help to keep your company firmly in the mind of potential customers. More customers equal more potential sales which can increase profitability dramatically. 

Many newbie business leaders fail to grasp the importance of building your brand image from day one. They think it’s something you focus on later in their business development. However, this is a mistake! The sooner you start positioning your brand the stronger you will be in the marketplace, and the better placed you will be to stand out from your competitors. 

If you’re new to the world of branding and what it takes. Don’t worry! In this post, we will take you through the basics. 

Know Your Customer Base

The first rule of creating a memorable brand is to know your target audience. Having an idea of what your everyday customer will look like, will help you make more informed decisions during later stages of the brand identity process. Think about what they will like and dislike, how old they will be and what kind of values they will have. Don’t be afraid to look at what your competitors are doing. It will allow you to identify what resonates with your target audience and what doesn’t. This will help you create a stronger brand identity that potential customers can relate to. 

Choose A Memorable Name

Your business name should be easy to pronounce, spell and most importantly remember. When choosing your name, it is important to think of something that is catchy. Ask yourself, will it stick in people’s minds? Research is essential with this step as you don’t want to choose a name that is already out there. Especially a name that is used with a negative connotation. 

Choosing a name can take a long time but there are tools that help you with this.  It is crucial that you are happy with the chosen name as you don’t want to change it further along the line as this can damage your brand consistency and become confusing for your customers. There are tools however, that can help you with this.  

Pick Your Tone 

Once you’ve researched your customer base, you should focus on what you want your brand’s tone to be. Your tone represents how your audience will see your brand and your website. When a customer describes you, think about what kind of adjectives they will use. Start by listing some adjectives for yourself and then focus on a select few. Are you serious? Impactful? Or maybe you are casual? 

Pick A Consistent Color Scheme

Picking a color scheme may sound like a simple task but it is one that needs to be thought out very carefully. After all, there are plenty of resources out there that show us how colors influence our behaviour. You should use this to your advantage and pick a color scheme that also matches the personality of your business to make it even more memorable. 

Picking the wrong colors can make it difficult for your customers to remember your brand. When picking your color scheme, you want to be consistent with the colors that you are using. Take a look at the color red as an example. We associate red with the popular brand Coca-Cola, which highlights just how powerful color can be. When it comes to your color scheme consistency is key. 

Design Your Brand Elements 

Once you have ticked all the boxes above you have to bring it all together by designing your customer-facing brand elements. These include your logo, website, business cards, social media profiles, and marketing collateral. Your various brand elements should work in tandem with each other to tie your brand together. 

Designing all these elements can be costly. However, depending on your business and its budget restrictions there are different options. If you’re just starting out in your business and have limited funds for the brand design you should consider using a freelancer, there are also branding design platforms that can help you get started. But, if you can it’s better to hire an in-house graphic designer that works with you full-time.  

Always Be Consistent

Throughout this article, we have stressed the importance of consistency. Without a doubt, this is crucial if you want your brand to be memorable. Think of it as a catchy song. The more you repeat it and listen to it, the more likely you will remember it word for word and the same goes for your brand identity.

As a leader, one of your business goals should be to strive for consistency through each stage of your branding in regards to design elements, brand voice, brand messaging, and customer experience. If you do this, you will soon build a brand that customers will love, a brand that those customers will also recommend to their friends and families.

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