Does Your Wardrobe Have the Right Touch?

Want to be taken seriously at work, but over sacrificing style for credibility? We know how you feel. Nobody’s dressing “like a man” anymore, but women are still fighting to be heard in the business world.

Women currently account for a mere four percent of CEOs, according to Catalyst data, and less than one in five corporate Board members are female.

In male dominated manufacturing industries, especially, injecting the right amount of femininity into your personal brand can be tricky.

Luckily, four ladies leading the way at Cadillac were willing to share their tips for adding flair to an otherwise bland, like-a-man wardrobe.

Express Yourself

When higher salaries and corner offices are on the line, self-expression is probably not the first thing on your mind. But, if done tastefully, it can help set your personal brand apart.

Jordana Strosberg, Cadillac’s communications manager, shows off pieces of her personality with blazers, statement jewelry and bold lips. “I’ve had good luck finding interesting blazers from Smythe, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Elizabeth & James,” she tells PINK, perfect compliments to clean lines and solid colors.

Strosberg tops her looks off with a single bright, chunky necklace and lips that pop. She admits to being a fan of dramatic lipsticks, “I enjoy trying bright pinks and deep reds.”

Know what’s trending

Love peplum tops? Want to experiment with color blocking or bold patterns? Arianna Kughn, Cadillac’s digital advertising manager, says go for it. Her self-described style? Current yet sophisticated.

“I like to mix and match designer clothes with trendier elements from more affordable stores like Target,” says Kughn. “A staple outfit of mine is a nicely tailored pant or skirt with a fitted blazer and a bright shirt from Target – always with platform heels.”


Nothing makes an outfit pop like confidence. Melody Lee, brand and reputation strategy, Cadillac, lets her style shine by wearing her best accessory to work each day; confidence.

“It starts with enough confidence to embrace all the qualities of being a woman,” she tells PINK, “You can still be one of the boys without losing your style, empathy, or ability to foster consensus.”

She insists, “Confidence comes through in the way you speak, carry yourself and of course — dress!”

Comment: How do you take your work wardrobe from drab to fab? Tell us here.

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By Sonya Washington

“A woman’s dress should be like a barbed wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view” Sophia Loren


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