Elizabeth Holmes: Inspirational Role Model for Female Scientists + More

Elizabeth Holmes surely does not need any speech writing service to make audiences hear her. She is admired by women all over the world and serves as an inspirational role model for those females who are told that science is for men. Elizabeth Holmes is the youngest ever female billionaire in the history of business. That is a lot!

In 2015 she was ranked No.1 for Self-Made Women in the USA. Evidently, she has extraordinary personality and her example is to follow for many women. It has never been before that a woman becomes as financially powerful as a man in the field of science or in any other sector of economy. That is a remarkable example of a female scientist who made the name for herself outright owing to her personal qualities, determination and firm desire to be the best.

How did she succeed? Perhaps, the first thing to be mentioned is her revolutionary vision of science, a tool that can and should serve the interests of the people. She chose a new, revolutionary lab testing model, putting aside the traditional ones. Surely, such thinking in the scientific world is highly appreciated. It is better to say that scientists are rather traditionalists and do not welcome any kind of revolutionary thinking and acting at all. This woman is not prejudicial about how her strategy is accepted by the scientific world. She simply does what she thinks should be done, and how it should be done.

Do Not Be Afraid to Be a Revolutionist
Here comes the first point to follow. Do not be afraid to be a revolutionist within any field of activity, even the most conservative one. If you know what to do, always give it a try. Elizabeth Holmes is convinced that the masses should have the right to afford her services and she proves this point in her daily job. She is the first to offer the cheapest prices within the healthcare market for a broad range of service. Many of her colleagues believed it was impossible to achieved; she took their doubt as a challenge and proved to be right.

Make Others Share Your Ideals and Ideas
What is most remarkable is her faith in the success of her ideas. Nevertheless, it is not enough to believe that you are doing and thinking right to achieve the desirable results. The ability to convince others is a real gift that should be developed. We should all possess this. One person cannot do practically anything without other people’s support, especially when it comes to investors. To get support, you have to make investors believe in you. Lead them to share your ideals and ideas even if they seem impossible and too idealistic. If you know you do not possess such skills, start developing them, today.

Do What You Love
“When you find what you love, you do it. That’s it,” Elizabeth Holmes noted in her interview with Glamour in April 2015. Perhaps, this is the most important point to follow on the way to achieve success in your career. There is simply nothing to add to this comment. The essence of this statement is clear enough for every person. The easiest way to become someone in the world is to simply be yourself. Elizabeth Holmes has proved that everything is possible if you are doing your best.

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