Four DIY Home Projects on Your To-Do List

Like most homeowners, you probably have a bucket list of projects you would love to tackle if you just had the time. If you suddenly find that you have a window of opportunity available, you may wonder which DIY home projects you should do first. It is important to find the right balance between taking on projects that have personal significance to you, those that are most cost effective and those that add value and security to your home.

Here are four DIY home projects you might work on when you have time to spare.

1. Work on Your Landscaping

A landscaping project is especially pleasant in the spring and fall months, which are times that require more care. Pulling weeds, trimming hedges and planting seeds in the springtime will lead to a beautiful yard all spring, summer and into fall. In the fall, you can rake and pick up the leaves, and clean out the gutters to keep things clear for fall rains and winter snowstorms. Any time you head outside to tend to your yard, you improve curb appeal, which makes you and your neighbors happy.

2. Set Up a Security Monitoring System

In 2017, The New York Times reported that by 2020 the number of people relying on security systems would rise dramatically, inching toward the 22 million mark. More people are fortifying their homes than ever before in a quest for more comfort and security. So, if you have considered investing in a security system, you are far from alone. However, with a large array of security system options, you may wonder where to start. Security monitoring companies like Lorex provide a variety of cameras, recording equipment, full systems with multiple channels and any accessories you need. Whether you are considering audio, night vision and zoom capabilities, indoors or outdoors, your security system project is worth the time and effort in keeping your family and belongings safe.

3. Organize Your Tool Shed

If you often scramble to find a wrench or the hedge clippers, take time to organize your tool shed, garage or basement work space. Wherever you stash your tools, take the time to perform inventory on what you have. Decide what you need to keep, replace, donate or throw away. Once you have sorted everything out and set aside the things you no longer need, clean up those you intend to keep, removing caked-on dirt and rust. Dry everything carefully before putting them on new shelving units or installed pegs on a pegboard.

4. Re-Paint Key Interior Rooms

If you haven’t painted your kitchen or living room in a decade, lay down a tarp and pull out your roller. This project can lift your spirits and add value to your home for a reasonable cost and without making too much of a dent in your spare time. The DIY Network recommends leaving plenty of time — frequently 24 hours — to paint the room and let it dry before putting everything back in place.

These DIY projects, among many others, offer you nearly instant gratification without taking too much time out of your busy schedule. Sprucing up your interior with a new coat of paint, organizing your workspace, making your yard more attractive and creating a safer space for your family with a new security system are all invaluable ways of improving your home life and adding value to your property.

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