Four Essential Attributes That Will Get You Your Perfect Job

When you’re on the lookout for a new job, there a few key things everyone tells you. Think positive, don’t be late to interviews and take failure in your stride. What they don’t tell you is that your perfect job is well within your reach, you just have to know which skills to utilise in order to land it.

So the thing about the perfect job, as opposed to a new job, is that you know you want it. It’s the role you can picture yourself in, the one you have done all sorts of junior roles to get the right experience for. There’s a reason that job appeals to you; it’s because it plays to your strengths. It’s the place you will be most successful. So don’t wait around waiting for someone to advertise it and then gamble on the fact that they’ll recognise you as perfect for it, go out and find it.

Take charge of the situation and send the companies you want to work for a speculative letter. Make sure it stands out from the crowd, catches their eye and sparks an interest. It needs to show that you are a perfect fit for their team, a perfect fit for the role and willing to make the things you want happen. It needs to encourage them to invite you for an interview, not keep your details on file and contact you should something become available.

This goes beyond dressing well for an interview and formatting your CV intelligently. When it comes to your professional image, investing a little time and money in cultivating the perfect look can pay off.

In this day and age it is not hard for employers to find you on social media pages. Visit a professional, like headshot photographers Los Angeles, and get photographs taken. You can use these as your profile picture on work-related social media to ensure your account screams professional. Put the privacy settings to the max on your personal accounts too, so your friends can’t post anything to damage that image.

Thinking creatively isn’t just for the marketing guys and artists, employers have their pick of smart, educated people to choose from these days. Being creative in your approach to job hunting could set you apart from the pack and help you get your foot through the door.

Of course, this method isn’t relevant to every industry, and this is where knowing your sector and what is permissible comes into play. But if there’s room for humor, why not send them a video introduction instead of a cover letter? Or do something truly innovative with your CV

Courage in a job search is the most important attribute you can possess. You need to have the courage to put yourself out there and the ability to dust yourself off if you should fail. So many job seekers get disheartened by the process. It’s a buyers market these days and you can’t realistically expect to waltz right into your perfect job after only a week of looking. Have the courage to stick to your guns. Only apply for the roles that really excite you. The ones you know you will thrive in.

So believe in yourself, don’t sell yourself short and go out there and land that dream job.

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