Franchise Resources


Annual ranking of America’s top franchise opportunities

List of the top ten franchises in the United States. Gives information on the top franchise industries and trends to watch in the future.

Top Franchises for the Money

The businesses listed here give persons a solid base to start building a successful company. These operators give you the best shot at success for your investment dollar.

10 Franchises You Can Run From Your Home 
A comprehensive list of franchises you can start and run from the comforts of your home. This is a list for the aspiring “homepreneurs” who are tired of the slow job market and would like to work for themselves and with a lower start up budget.


Franchise Direct

A complete and comprehensive guide to the most suitable franchise for you. Franchise direct gives a list of franchises and business opportunities that are for sale.

Red Hot Franchises

A wide scale directory of Franchises for sale and Business Opportunities. The website provides information and also a free consultation service with a qualified franchise consultant to help find the best franchise and business opportunity for you.

Franchise Gator

Franchise gator provides a comprehensive list of franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs. These operators teach tips and provide articles to help aid and inform for franchise search. The company also users to search by state, industry and investment in order to get the most accurate opportunity to suit specific wants and needs.


Directory for the best franchises and business opportunities available. Franchise Expo helps persons navigate through the process of purchasing a franchise. Whether through their online educational resource or an education program at one of their expos, Franchise expo is there to help answer all your questions related to franchise buying.

Franchise Registry

Franchises listed on the Franchise Registry make the loan application process for their franchisees and prospective franchisees as easy and as cheap as possible. The company helps lenders with private access to the SBA pre approved agreements, addenda and additional risk documentation on franchise systems to help borrowers make the fastest and most informed loan decision.

Questions Answered

Government Grants for Small Businesses

Can you get a grant to open a franchise? An easy to understand review on whether or not you can receive a grant to open a franchise and how to go about doing so.

The Wall Street Journal

How to select a franchise? Tips and important information on how to make an informed decision on how to select the right franchise for you.


What is a Franchise? Detailed information about what a franchise is, types of franchises and any information directly related.

How to be a Successful Franchisor? A detailed yet comprehensive guide of what it takes to be a successful franchisor from the selecting of a franchise to proper marketing technique.

How to Evaluate a Franchise Opportunity? Information on how to effectively evaluate a franchise opportunity in order to choose the right business opportunity and get the best return on your investment.

Business News Daily

Should I Open a Franchise? Advice from the Experts. Expect advice on what people should consider when opening a franchise from brother and sister, CEO and chairman team of great clips.

Access my Library

Q&A.(FRANCHISE ADVICE) Informative questions about franchising answered by a panel of Franchise experts.

Franchise Interview

Question to ask current and former franchisees. Important and informational questions that people should ask experienced franchisees in order to succeed in the franchise business. The article also provides tips and advice to better help inform readers.


Can a buyer of a franchise select the business location? Detailed and comprehensive advice whether or not a buyer can select the location of their prospective business.

All Experts

Franchising Questions answered by an expert. Informative answers to all your franchising questions by experienced franchise experts.


A source for top franchises for sale, information about today’s best franchises and business opportunities, and resources to help you learn about franchising and small business ownership.

The Franchise Handbook

A complete franchise resource. A complete guide to all your franchising needs and resources to help further your knowledge of franchising.

Franchise Online

Help prospective franchisees find the best possible information on franchising and business opportunities before starting a business.

Franchise Times

A refreshing look and informational source for franchising.

Franchise Help

Informative Articles and expert advice on franchising.

Five Must-Read Franchise Books

A list of five informative and comprehensive books on how to successful start a franchising business.


Use these Franchise Links and Resources to learn how to get started with franchising.

Franchise Know How

A comprehensive handbook filled with knowledge for franchise buyers.

Franchise Prospector

An informative guide on the franchise business for the prospective franchise buyer.

The Franchise Doctor

Everything you need to know about hoe to achieve your goals though franchising.

The Franchise Review Board

Helpful reviews from business owners and businesses for sale about a range franchises.

Small Business Trends

A list of different kinds of franchises and how to go about finding them.
Things to consider before buying a franchise business
Pros and Cons of Buying a Franchise Business

Informative articles on franchising


Helpful tips and advice for prospective and current franchises

Franchise Authors

A detailed list of authors, experts and entrepreneurs who have written about franchising.

Comprehensive and informative articles about franchising.

Buying a Franchise

Important and helpful tips for prospective franchise buyers.


The best franchise advice you’ll ever get on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

MSA Worldwide

Franchise Advices from those who know the business best.

Start In Business

Advice on Buying a Franchise or Business Package


A great forum for franchising advice straight from the experts.

Logic does not Apply

Franchise Advice: Exploring Home-Based Businesses. Answers to how can you explore home based business ideas and know when an idea is worth quitting your job to pursue.

Select Your Franchise Blog

This blog has compiled a few ideas of where to go to find the best franchise advice that could save you some pain along the road.

Article Karma

Thinking about buying a franchise? Here’s a list of the pros and cons.

Business Fair Solution

Some profitable franchise ideas from a successful entrepreneur.

Franchise Consultants

A detailed archive of Franchise Advice articles, including techniques for escalating assertiveness, comparing a start-up vs. a franchise, and franchisee profiles.

Franchising and Entrepreneurship

Buying a franchise – advice from a franchise attorney MBA and former franchise owner

Logic does not Apply

Success profile from Kathy Bennett, who spent 27 years in the corporate airline industry and what drove her to consider franchising.

Logic does not Apply

The author of Street Smart Franchising coins a new term – responsible renegades!

Franchise Advice

Brief definition of franchising, the benefits of buying a franchise and what to do before you invest.

Directory M Articles

Franchise Advice for Contract Binding: what is expected of you as a franchisee and what the franchisor will provide for you.


American Association of Franchisees and Dealers

The AAFD believes balance can be achieved through a process of education combined with the encouragement and support for trademark specific franchisee associations seeking to achieve Total Quality Franchise Relationships.

International Franchise Association

IFA members operate under the highest standards and include franchise companies in over 100 different business format categories, individual franchisees and companies that support the industry in marketing, law and business development. You will find detailed information for over 1,100 franchises, a list of subject matter experts and a library of franchising information from basic how-to’s to advanced regulation and legal information.

Franchise Buyer Network
List of franchise resources, including articles, info, books and software. These are some examples:
10 Reasons to Buy a Franchise
How to Increase your Chances of Owning a Successful Franchise
Should I Franchise My Business?

US Small Business Administration
Six things to consider before you franchise your business. Is franchising a good technique for expansion? What types of businesses might consider franchising?

A repository of information and insights on all aspects of franchising, a collection of information on the many areas of the law that relate to franchising.


Franchise Advice UK

Buyer Beware: Common Mistake Failed Franchisees Make. A list of common mistakes that can cause perfectly good concepts to go under.

Which Franchise Australia

Business franchise questions and answers, along with various other articles and information. In addition to Australia, Which Franchise also serves the UK, South Africa, USA and Ireland.

Irish Franchise Association

Promotes the development of franchising in Ireland through exhibitions, seminars, newsletters, awards and networking.

Franchiseek International

Business related advice and news from various countries worldwide that can assist you in the general day-to-day running of your franchise business.

Franchise Council of Australia
The FCA is the peak body for the $128 billion franchise sector in Australia, representing franchisees, franchisors and service providers to the sector.


Provides a definition of franchising, list of advantages and helpful information.

Franchise New Zealand

The buy your own business magazine of New Zealand, providing articles to help with your franchise opportunity.

British Franchise Association

One of the BFA’s main roles is to help potential franchisees recognize the good franchises and the not-so-good, as well as to help businesses involved in franchising to secure their own position amongst the “good”.


Article explaining the Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising, on a site full of information and featuring a worldwide franchise directory.

Working in Australia

Get legal advice before buying a franchise, learn about due diligence and engage a franchise lawyer.

Entrepreneur South Africa
Franchisee Advice, including the following:
Help! My Franchise is Failing!
Happy Customers = Repeat Sales
Save on your Franchise Start-Up Costsl

Which Franchise Ireland
Past franchise Q&As – Ireland franchise advice

Acadia Business Advisors LLC (Canada)

Approach to Franchise Consulting – Business Advice

Mclean Delmo (Australia)

Provides services from experienced franchise accountants.

Legal Advice Centre (United Kingdom)

Legal advice about franchising

insideFranchising (Australian)

List of franchises and businesses for sale, including articles with advice for franchise owners and how to find a franchise expert.

A Business Franchise (United Kingdom)

Expert advice on buying, starting up and running a business franchise including business planning, funding, marketing and making a profit.

Franchise Central (Australia)

Franchise Central is a national group of experienced Franchise consultants providing assistance to intending Franchisors and Franchisees.


A new support platform for business owners and entrepreneurs which aims to provide a one-stop-shop where business owners can connect, learn and actually do business.

Australian Franchises

If you’re looking to invest in a franchise business opportunity in Australia, this is the place for you to learn about the industry, get expert advice and find all the latest new and resale franchise businesses.

Franchise Business (Australia)

The official directory of the Franchise Council of Australia, including a list of franchises for sale and advice articles.

Existing UK franchises for sale – franchise resales

The Official Journal of the British Franchise Association

Advice about franchising from the British Franchise Association, including a digital magazine and e-newsletter.

Franchising Expo & Business Opportunities (Australia)

Franchise expo traveling across Australia to educate and inform potential franchise owners. Also includes a franchise advice center on the website.


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