How to Get Everything Done Before 2017!

It’s the Holiday Season. Go! Go! Go!

By Melanie Rembrandt

Woot! You woke up at the crack of dawn and are cranking out your latest, BtoB marketing email.

But wait.

Your email screams at you with the latest sale at your favorite travel site. You’ll just click over to make sure you don’t miss a good deal.

Back to your marketing email.

But wait.

Your friend in Florida just sent you the funniest video via Facebook. You’ll just view it and comment.

Then, the phone rings.

It’s a business associate. “What time is the holiday party this Friday night?”

Before you know it, it’s noon. You got up early to get some work done, but you ended up wasting time doing other things.

Has this happened to you? Of course it has!

We all get distracted during this busy time of year. But if you really want to take control of your time and exceed your goals…here are a few tips.

5 Tip to Get Things Done This Busy Holiday Season!

  1. Plan ahead.

How are you going to complete your tasks for the day if you don’t’ know what they are? After you turn your computer on, write down exactly what you need work on that day to meet your goals.

  1. Set your schedule.

Once you know what your daily goals are, figure out when you are going to do the work. Schedule specific times to focus on your priorities. And how do you do this effectively?

  1. Turn off notifications.

If your phone is constantly buzzing and your computer keeps announcing the latest email, you are going to be distracted. Turn off these interruptions during your work time so you can actually get things done.

You can turn your notifications back on when you are finished. And you might even let people know that you only check your emails at certain times of the day so they won’t expect an immediate response from you.

  1. Monitor your calls.

If you don’t need to answer your phone during specific times, don’t do it.

A simple sales call or “quick” call with an associate can turn into a long conversation that you weren’t expecting. Instead, schedule your calls accordingly. Only answer your phone when you have the time to talk.

  1. Take breaks.

While you need to focus on specific tasks at certain times to complete your goals, you also need to take appropriate breaks. Every twenty minutes or so, step away from your computer. Stretch, take a short walk, rest your eyes, meditate, or do something else to get away from your desk. This will help your body stay energized and keep your creative juices flowing!

Thrive Before 2017!

Instead of getting overwhelmed at all of the things you need to finish before the year ends, make a plan to get your priorities finished. Figure out your schedule so you can get your tasks completed by specific deadlines. Focus on what you need to do and turn off your phone, notifications and other distractions. Then, take breaks throughout the day.

It can be so easy to lose your train of thought this holiday season. But with these simple tips, you can get your work done, exceed your goals and be ready for 2017!

What are you going to do today to get your BtoB work done?

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