How to Make Your Home Feel Like New Again

Need a fresh start? After staying indoors so much during the past year, you probably feel like your home has gotten stale and boring. To make your home feel new and exciting again, tackling some home renovation projects, changing your furniture, and having fun with some DIY projects can be a great way to refresh your home.  

Update Your Home’s Exterior

Changing your home’s roof, porch decorations, or landscaping can help make your home look like new again! Roofs are a great way to add more protection to your home. Finding a local roofing company can also help you support your community in the process; for example, if you live in Texas, try searching for Texas roofer companies near your home. Choosing a durable and sleek metal roof can protect your home from hail and high winds while also making your home look new. Having fun with planting new flowers or trees outside can also help spruce up your home. Also, it’s a good investment to let the folks at place a dumpster outside to improve your waste management, making it possible for you to sort your waste every day without worrying about where to dispose of your collected waste. 

Refresh Your Flooring

If your floors are old or damaged, opting to replace them with new wood, laminate, or carpet can add value to your home. Alternatively, purchasing brightly colored rugs can add interest to your home at a lower cost. Another option is to utilize a professional cleaning service to restore life to your old floors. This can be less effective for wood floors than carpet, but if you have pets, it will definitely make a difference. 

New Wall Decorations

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls in an exciting new color can also make your home seem new. You could also purchase or make new wall decorations such as artwork, family portraits, clocks, murals, or anything you prefer. To change things up, you could also add wallpaper to your kitchen or office. 

Add a Personal Touch with DIY Projects

To make your home reflect your personality and character better, you can create artwork or repaint rooms on your own. DIY home projects can be fun, challenging, and rewarding, so they are good side projects to keep you (and your family!) entertained. Painting your front door is an easy and quick way to add a splash of color. You can also pursue fun crafts like soap making or sewing new curtains to unwind while also decorating your home.   


There are many inexpensive and fun ways to make your home seem new again. Getting new roofing and flooring can certainly transform your home, but more inexpensive DIY projects and wall decorations can also make your home feel interesting and shouldn’t be overlooked. It is most important to have fun with your home improvement projects, so make sure to pick the ideas that excite you the most!


By Chans Weber 

Photos by Roberto Nickson and Tina Dawson

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