How To Use What’s Left of Your Summer Break To Boost Your Future Career

Summer break is here, but almost over… so, you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to take charge of your future career. What’s left of your summer vacation is the perfect time to get some experience, learn some new skills and figure out what you want to do after graduation.

Want to get a head start on your dream job? Here’s how to use your summer break to boost your future career.

Get a job. Working your way through your summer break might be the furthest thing from your mind, but if you’re short on work experience – this will be a great way to get some. Any job can teach you valuable skills that are beneficial in the workplace, and it’ll help you save up some money ready for the start of the fall semester.

Look for internships. To get real, practical experience of the industry you want to work in, applying for summer internships is the way to do it. Even if you’re unsure of what you want to do, an internship can help you to decide. A business administration apprenticeship is a good place to start, teaching you about the world of business from the inside. An internship is a great way to get recommendations that will benefit you when the time comes to look for that first job out of college.

Work on your resume. Between studying hard and keeping up an active college social life, it can be hard to find the time to work on your resume. Use your downtime over the summer months to put together your college graduate resume, focusing on your achievements and the skills you’ve developed to sell yourself as a desirable candidate to employers.

Learn some additional skills. While college can go a long way in preparing you for the working world, there are other skills you can learn that could benefit your future career prospects. For example, learning digital skills through taking a social media course or learning how to edit video can make you a more attractive candidate for a marketing position. You’ll find a range of short courses online that can be an asset to your career, showing that you’ve got the initiative that many employers admire.

Volunteer. While your summer might be a busy one between catching up with old friends and seeing family, you can still use some of your free time to help others. Volunteering can teach you some valuable skills as well as allow you to give back to your local community. Being a volunteer can open doors and benefit your career, while also helping you to do something valuable with your time.

While summer is a great time to let your hair down and catch your breath, it’s also a good time to get ahead. Find the balance between work and play to help make your final college year less stressful. Your break can be the perfect chance to figure out what you want to do and start planning your future.

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