Improving Your Self-Esteem

Many people struggle with low self-esteem. In fact, of the next ten people you see, eight or nine of them probably have low self-esteem. That’s a pretty high statistic. A widespread problem, low self-esteem thoughts and behaviors include avoidance, perfectionism, and hiding. If you regularly avoid tasks by procrastinating or quitting halfway through, that’s a red flag for low self-esteem, and it probably indicates that you don’t trust your own ability to do the job. If you’re a people pleaser, a perfectionist, you likely have low self-esteem, since perfectionistic tendencies revolve around the lie that a “perfect” you will finally be good enough. If you hide your real self for fear of rejection, such as your sexual orientation, beliefs, or character flaws, then you likely suffer from low self-esteem.

There are many other ways that low self-esteem manifests itself, and identifying what behaviors are keeping you in a rut can help steer you towards self-esteem. For now, take a look at these two ways to boost self-esteem, since each one will help you get closer to self-acceptance.

Take Care of Yourself
It’s hard to love things we don’t care for, so take extra time every day to take care of you. Your appearance affects how both you and others perceive you, so give both of you a chance to be impressed! Shower. Smell nice. Groom your hair. Clean your fingernails. Brush your teeth. Put on a smart outfit. All these things can assist you in feeling better about yourself. You can also boost your self esteem by eating better, exercising, and working out. Give yourself extra boosts, like Mesomorph pre-workout as you transition into a healthier you. The more time you take to take care of yourself, the more worth-it you’ll feel.  

Celebrate Yourself
We probably have a hard time admiring ourselves because we don’t focus on our better qualities. Instead of cycling through negative thoughts and self-perceptions, instead focus on ways to celebrate yourself. Find one nice thing you can do for yourself every month. Buy yourself roses or an expensive food item, like seafood, that you enjoy. Find ways around your home to celebrate your personality. Decorate, choose colors, and hang art that is reflective of you–creating a safe space that celebrates your person-hood. Go one further and design your entire home to be a marvelous reflection of you–custom home builders can help you design a space that’s fully yours.

Low self-esteem is probably sapping joy from your life. Instead of letting it get the better of you, start taking steps towards improving your self-esteem. The world’s about to become a whole lot brighter.

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