International Business Travel Tips

International Business Travel Tips

Global small business owners know face-to-face meetings with international customers help cement quality business relationships – and the practical aspects of international business travel can make or break a trip.

By Laurel Delaney

You can start planning your overseas trip from home on the Internet – and the sooner the better. Check out these sites:

The U.S. State Department offers practical tips and advisories both to protect American travelers from potential harm and to help make your trip more enjoyable and profitable.
• Bloomberg News lists the latest exchange rates for seven key currencies.
• The international department of your bank or The World Bank can give you a short lesson – or brochure – on your destination country’s currency.
Passports, visas and immunization requirements can take up to eight weeks to process, especially if you are traveling during a peak tourist season. Immunizations can cause lingering pain and discomfort, so if several immunizations are required, you may want to allow time for them to be administered in stages.
• Packing will be much easier if you know the country’s usual climate and as-forecasted weather during your trip.
• Worried about the time difference?
• Don’t blow a fuse – or ruin your blow-dryer. You can find out in advance about electrical voltage in the country and the types of plugs and outlets used there.

Laurel Delaney runs and, Chicago-based firms that specialize in international entrepreneurship.

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