Is Nurturing the New Sexy?

As I type, my husband is giving our two kids a bath. I hear him speak quietly as he brushes my 3 year old daughter’s hair and she whines.

“Just stay still. See. Soft, soft,” he says. He speaks to her in sweet soothing tones as he towels them both dry. I hear my daughter say, ‘I love you so much daddy!’ Then he calls to me. “Paulette, can you put some clothes on her?”

I rise from my pending writing assignment to meet our daughter at the changing table, thinking, Well, at least he’s helpful, not hopeless. I sometimes think our romance has waned since kids and sometimes he won’t pick his clothes off the floor but the fact that he’s such a hands on loving dad gains him a lot of points! And on those days that I need to focus on bringing home the bacon (even though he does that too) he’s willing to fry it up in a pan and let me read the NY Times!

In the past, women have chosen men who made them laugh, drove great cars and who were very ambitious. But I’m here to say that nurturing may well be the new sexy. Career women will often even choose it over British Crown jewels (like the Star of Africa diamond) because it’s the one gift that keeps on giving! And love (unlike money) is truly priceless.

by Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman

Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a psychologist and coach who specializes in helping career women create balanced, whole romantic relationships. She’s the author of “When Mars Women Date: How Career Women Can Love Themselves Into the Relationship of Their Dreams’ and ‘The Mars Women in Relationships Workbook.'”

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