2022 Insights from Joyce Auskelis

Meet Speaker Joyce Auskelis 

The next PINK Power Alliance happens Thursday, January 13, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time. Will you be there? Here, our team of experts and top executives tackle the most pressing women at work issues. You’ll meet your allies, expand your network, work with great coaches and gain valuable takeaways… things you can do now to advance your career today.

One of the featured speakers is Joyce Auskelis, Career Strategist, Connector, Speaker, DefiningNEXT, LLC, and she recently shared her insights with us:

What are three, specific things women can do now to move them closer to their goals?

  1. Develop and nurture relationships within your organization (up, down, and across) and outside your organization (professional organizations, volunteering, neighborhood, community, church/synagogue, kids’ schools, socially). If you don’t already have a mentor or sponsor, dedicate thought and energy toward finding one. Relationships are a critical element to career progression. 
  2. Adopt a growth mindset. As Scott Sonenshein suggests in his book Stretch, choose “constructive discomfort”. In other words, step outside your comfort zone in strategic ways to further your goals. Embrace challenges, welcome feedback, learn from mistakes, build skills, stay open to possibilities. 
  3. Know your strengths, and don’t keep them a secret. Claim credit for your accomplishments and share successes with others always emphasizing the value to the organization’s goals. When opportunities arise where you can showcase your strengths, raise your hand.

What were the biggest obstacles for you?

Fear of failure and self-limiting beliefs top the list for me especially when stretching outside my zone of competency. As the first woman in the consulting division of Deloitte’s Atlanta office, I wondered whether I was a token female hire. The work was extremely challenging, and I felt like I was treading water to stay afloat. I was determined to succeed, often prioritizing work over taking care of myself and leading a balanced life. That’s not a sustainable way to approach a career.

In hindsight, I am acutely aware that my biggest obstacles were between my ears. I have a good friend who is a licensed therapist, and one of her favorite quotes is “don’t believe everything you think”. I second that.

What helped you break through?

First and foremost, other people helped me break through. I’ve been fortunate to have strong mentors and sponsors throughout my career who saw my potential when I did not. They shared their knowledge and insights and opened doors for me.

At mid-career, I completed an in-depth assessment program offered by the Highlands Company. It elevated my self-awareness. I created a career vision for my future. My vision gave me the confidence to move forward with purpose and make informed career decisions. When I started my business, the first thing I did was become a Certified Consultant for the Highlands Company, so I can empower others to take control of their careers.  

Lastly, becoming a Mom gave me a new perspective. I quit sweating the small stuff and dialed down my perfectionism.


Joyce Auskelis is an expert in empowering high-potential professionals to proactively manage their careers. Before establishing her company DefiningNEXT in 2011, Joyce was a leader at Fortune 500 companies including Deloitte Consulting, Jostens and IBM. She also worked at several national and international outplacement firms. 

Known for being an insightful, pragmatic and energizing force, this career strategist loves guiding her clients through assessments, goal setting and progress tracking so they can quickly go from where they are to where they were meant to be. Joyce is certified in the Highlands Ability Battery™ and the Strong Interest Inventory®.  She is a catalyst for positive change and derives great joy from helping others realize their full potential.

The most rewarding part of her work? Following up with clients to hear about the impact they’re having on their companies and the positive changes in every aspect of their lives—from finances to family.

Joyce serves on the board of ProWIN (the Professional Women’s Information Network), is an active member of OnBoard, and is passionate about empowering women to achieve their potential. She is an avid reader and keen observer of people with a lifelong focus on health and fitness. Her latest obsession is pickleball, but any opportunity to be active and spend time outdoors with friends holds appeal. Joyce and her husband John, live in Brookhaven.


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