Keep it Simple… and WIN!

Is it really the end of February already? It seems as if we were just making New Year’s resolutions and recovering from the holiday rush. According to Geri Stengel’s recent article on, 11 Reasons 2014 Will Be A Breakout Year For Women Entrepreneurs, if we are equipped, this could be a game changing year for us!

Hopefully if you are a retailer, you maximized the month of January to review your 2013 performance and began finalizing your strategy for the start of the fiscal New Year on February 1 2014. As a small business owner, this was our first month to put that planning to the test. While the strategizing and planning phase can become a bit overwhelming as you dig into piles of data, research and reports, there are a few things you can do throughout the year to ensure you enjoy the process along the way. Remember to keep things simple and thank those who are supporting you along the way.

pink envelope with a thank you card isolated on whiteREWARD YOUR TEAM. I ran across a cute image this month to send to my team that says “Thank you for putting your heart into it”. We sent this to them with a gift card to a local salon. They loved it and appreciated the unexpected gesture. Who doesn’t want to feel appreciated?Don’t assume they already know because you say it often. Action goes a long way. A happy team always equals happy customers and a better work environment.

REWARD YOUR CUSTOMERS. Take the time to let your customers know that you appreciate them and you are invested in your company to make a difference. The purpose and relationships you build should always expand beyond the transaction. Let them know you hear them and you are available to serve their needs. Consider hosting a customer appreciation event or promotion for your loyal customers. Keep cost down by collaborating with local food sponsors and florist to help them with marketing exposure.

TAKE BABY STEPS. Once you create a solid plan, be sure to break it down into bite sized, measurable chunks to track your progress as you navigate.

If you are rebranding or planning an entire floor redesign, try to attack one section at a time. The gratification you will feel from seeing results along the way will keep you motivated.

ESCAPE. Carve out a set day each month in which you escape from your business and your home to simply review your progress. Turn off the phone and all outside distractions. Make sure the environment is inspiring and will not be too cozy that you fall asleep. Be sure to have a set checklist and review actual performance against what you originally planned. Revise your upcoming month, quarter, or season accordingly.

INVEST in knowledge and keep yourself inspired. Be sure to celebrate your success along the way. How many other people do you know that are actually building a business? It takes hard work, commitment, and endurance. It is important to keep learning and taking time to enjoy yourself along the way. Enroll in a workshop or retreat to connect with other ambitious people and keep your creative juices flowing.B


LP Blog Post pic 11-08-13Tierra Destiny Reid is known for thinking outside of the box! With over 15 years in the retail industry, Tierra has a unique approach that combines best practice corporate strategies with small business customer service and relationships. She is the President Of TDR Brands International and holds the position of Executive Director for The Retail Campus™, continuing education for retail storeowners, retail vendors, and aspiring retail and fashion entrepreneurs. Once a year she hosts the Design Your Destiny Conference for Women, which combines her love for education and empowering entrepreneurs. In her spare time she loves traveling with her family and says the Grand Canyon tops all of her trips to date, including international vacations, because of the magnitude and depth of its beauty and spiritual essence.


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