Life After A Baby: How To Get Your Body Back

Bringing a beautiful baby into the world is an incredible experience, and a woman’s body (and mind) goes through a lot of changes, struggles and experiences to make it all happen. Getting back into shape at any time is hard, but after having a baby it can be quite difficult and it is one of the most desired things among new mothers. After one’s body going through such intense changes and delivery, it will take time to get back into shape so it is important to not lose hope and stay motivated!

Let’s take a look at a few ways one can get back into shape post-pregnancy:

Be proud of your body.
It is often desired to ‘get my pre-baby body back’. But is so important to appreciate all the changes that your body has gone through, all that it has done, and that you may not fully get back to your ‘pre-baby body’. But you can ‘get your body back’, get rid of excess water weight and encourage your body’s natural processes and form to return to its healthiest state.

Get as much quality sleep as possible.
Sleep is one of the most important things for your body, as it is the time when your body is fully able to rest and recover. Sleep is not an easy thing to come by for new moms, however, so it is important to get as much of quality sleep as possible. This will help to stabilize your metabolism, boost your energy, and keep you feeling better overall.

Nourish your body with a healthy diet.
The midsection is naturally the target area post-delivery as one is able to really get back into an exercise regime. To best support your core toning exercises, fill your plate with colorful vegetables, lean protein and clean complex carbs. You need enough fuel to support your body on its new journey, and proper nourishment in general.

Stay hydrated.
Hydration is key in supporting your body and your baby’s. Incorporate filtered water into your daily focus and you will feel and see the benefits.

Make your workouts fun.
If you don’t enjoy working out, chances are you won’t be as consistent or motivated. So do exercises and a routine that you enjoy, try out a new fitness class, make an upbeat workout playlist, grab a buddy, etc. You’ll want to incorporate cardio and strengthening exercises, and you get to figure out the workouts that are fun for you to do so.

Use fitness apps.
Fitness apps are a helpful way for you to stay on track, track your progress, and use as a reference for your fitness routines. You can for example follow the 30 day fitness challenge plan where you are provided with tailored workouts and demonstrations on how to do specific exercises.

Incorporate tailored supplements and vitamins into your diet.
While the goal is to get proper nourishment through food, this isn’t always realistic. Speak with your doctor about this, as some tailored supplements and vitamins could be helpful in supporting your body.

Joining a group and connecting with friends also helps a lot, as this is a great way to get tips, share experiences, motivate one another and to hold each other accountable.

Be sure to speak with your doctor before starting any exercise regime.

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