Managing & Motivating Remote Workers Takeaways

In case you missed last week’s PINK Zoominar on Managing & Motivating Remote Workers – the top issues attendees are grappling with? It’s a tie between Dealing with Distractions (43%) and Being Burned Out (43%), followed by Team Exhaustion. We were surprised and happy to hear that Holding Workers Accountable was at the bottom of the list of concerns, and 91% of attendees say they are optimistic about the future.

Two big takeaways –
1.    Working overtime like this is not sustainable. What to do about it?

“Encourage employees to turn it off,” said Michelle Glover, HR professional; Project Director, The Edge. 

“Psychologically it’s taking people a lot more mental energy. Mental fatigue is going to be something we’ll need to deal with,” added Dr. June Cooley, Clinical Psychologist.
2.    We discussed the importance of creating a safe environment especially for difficult conversations remotely… things like accountability, anxiety and systemic racism.
“We have a hard time addressing race. We are stumbling and trying our best and give each other a little more grace. Get comfortable with messy, with not having the perfect answer,” said Henna Inam, Executive Coach, Author of Wired for Disruption.

“The question is simple, ‘How are you doing?’ Ask the question, ‘How do we talk about race? What actions would you like to see us take?’” said Karen Bennett, Chief People Officer, Cox Communications. “We have an open mic, and have had intimate conversations. We received so many good ideas, things we are acting on to show employees how we support them.”

If you’d like to watch it now:

What’s Next at PINK? 
While 38% said they’re not fully adjusted to working remotely, this “New Normal” may be here to stay, with many companies not going back to the office until this fall, or even the beginning of 2021, and some will continue to work remotely to beyond that. 

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