A Few Marketing Changes = More Sales!

Time to revise your marketing for positive results.

What is going on with your marketing right now?

We are already halfway through the year, and it’s time to get serious about where you spend your resources relative to your results. If things aren’t going in a positive direction here are…

3 Key Questions To Ask To Improve Your Marketing Results

1. What does your audience want right now?

Send the right marketing message to your audienceThings change and so do the needs of your target market. Check social media posts, customer comments and service department requests to see their suggestions, complaints and feedback.

What do they really want now from your products and services to help solve their problems?

Not sure? Ask!

Send out a quick survey or make some calls and get answers. Then, move onto your messaging…

2. Does your current message resonate with your target market?

When you distribute emails, direct mail pieces, press releases, newsletters, and other marketing messages to your audience, do they actually care about what you are talking about?

If not, stop your current campaign and start fresh with new offers and content. Focus on their needs (see #1 above!) and all of the unique benefits you provide.

Remember, it’s all about them and the solutions you offer that they can’t get anywhere else!

3. Who hears and sees your marketing messages?

How are you getting your messages out and are the right people receiving them?

First, check your lists to confirm you have the correct emails, addresses and zip codes and that people are actually receiving your materials.

Next, be creative. To increase your customer list, perhaps you can focus on a specific neighborhood or zip code, hand out pamphlets at the local fair, place an advertisement in a magazine pertinent to your audience.

Where does your target market hang out?

If you’re going to spend the time and resources to do marketing, be sure that the right audience actually gets your message! Also, add a specific call-to-action (website link, phone number, email, etc.) so that you can track results. This way, you can test to see what works best and stop wasting resources on messaging and mediums that don’t work.

It’s Time To Boost Sales!

If you’d like to increase revenues, take some time to refresh your marketing messages. Figure out how you can provide solutions to your customers’ current problems and create new content with this in mind. Then, promote your messages via the right mediums to reach your target audience effectively. Rinse and repeat, and you’ll be well on your way to one of your best business years yet!

Author Melanie Rembrandt is an award-winning publicist, content strategist and speaker who helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs have more time to thrive! If you want to boost sales, awareness and credibility fast with a unique combination of targeted, SEO copywriting, ghostwriting, newsletters, and public relations, get more information at Rembrandt Communications, https://www.rembrandtwrites.com.

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