Mornings, Makeup and Moleski

You’re a little late and are about to run out the door for an important meeting when you take a quick glance in the mirror and think, “….I should probably put some makeup on.” But what to do with yourself when you maybe have five minutes? Celebrity makeup artist, Stephen Moleski, has the answer. With an art background, Moleski works internationally on all red carpets making the celebrities look their best. Some loyal clients of his include Julianne Hough, Kim Kardashian, and Nicole Scherzinger. Moleski has made several appearances in the television industry including: “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “The Insider,” and “E! News.” He says, “all you need when you run out the door are four makeup products: bronzer, mascara, concealer, and lip gloss.” This will give you some color to your face, hide away those dark circles, bring attention to the eyes, and flatter your lips. Easy!

Okay, so now another common issue…finding the right makeup for work. How many of you have tried out a new eye shadow or lipstick and said to yourself, “hmm, I don’t know if this is really… professional?” Whether it’s a result of getting too excited about your new purple eye shadow or attempting to learn how to apply bronzer for the first time, some makeup looks can go the wrong way really quickly. And we don’t have time in the morning to worry about this. Again, Stephen has the solution. He says, “Keep the eyes a simple and neutral matte color and have a pop of red or some nude lip.” Let’s face it; some of us have to have our pop of color. This combination will always look professional and classy.

Having had the opportunity to participate in one of Stephen’s classes, I saw the amount of passion and focus he put into his work as he treats every face as a new canvas. And he was more than willing to share his expertise with PINK. Here are a few tips to take your look to the next level.

  1. Use an eye primer to ensure your shadows stay on all day
  2. Use lighter shades towards the inner part of the eyelid and work outward with darker tones
  3. Wet your brushes before dipping them in the eye shadows to make them more pigmented and vibrant
  4. Do your eyes first so you can wipe away any fall out from the shadows and not mess up anything you have already done

Stephen sees makeup as a confidence booster for women and especially women in the workplace. “If you look good, you feel good…so a little makeup is kinda like a drug that is good for you….” Bringing that confidence we have in ourselves and our careers to the surface for our co-workers and clients to see will speak volumes not only of our potential, but our ambitions as well. With proper application, makeup can be that small addition that demonstrates our determination and composure. And you only need a few products and a few minutes!

Stephen recently did our CEO, Cynthia Good’s, makeup; she loved his energy and passion for his career as well as the new casual look he gave her. Pictures are on our Twitter and Facebook media outlets — thanks to the talents of photographer, Bubba Carr. Stephen also wanted to leave a gift for our PINK readers — his discount code on his line of lashes called Smoke and Mirrors Beauty. Code: monroe15

Visit Stephen’s website here:

Leading a beautiful life and a beautiful career starts with a beautiful you. Enhance your favorite features, hold your head high, and let that confidence light up a room. A special thank you to Stephen and his lovely model, Tammy Browning McCall for showing us your artistry!

By Sydney Welch
Photo Courtesy of Stephen Moleski

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