Passion Leads To a Helpful, Community Business

Patty Schultz Takes A Leap Into A Brand-New Field with California Physicians Group

Recently, I caught up with a female entrepreneur whose new passion helped her create California Physicians Group, a business that helps others. Meet Patty Schultz. An experienced real estate professional in Southern California, Patty decided to make a difference in her community after some life-changing events. Here’s her interview…

You’re a successful real estate business owner, why did you start a brand-new business in a completely different field?

My partner and I have had four family members die from diabetes recently, so we know we needed to do something about it even though we were not medical professionals. At that same time, I was approached with a partnership opportunity to work with doctors who were helping people with diabetes.

Patients could go to live clinics, see real doctors and get their questions answered. Best of all, they could start taking a new medication that would help reduce their appetites and actually lose weight. This was a proven way to help reverse the effects of diabetes and improve the health of many people in the local community, so it really spoke to us, and we decided to start a clinic in the Pasadena area.

What has been the most difficult challenge in starting your new business?

There are so many weight loss fads, diets and programs in the area that it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. But once people learn how easy and low risk it is to lose weight with this new medication, they sign up and see results fast.

You’ll see a lot of “cheaper” knockoffs on the market, but we provide a higher-efficacy medication that is specifically registered with FDA pharmacies and calls for a prescription and a few patient requirements to ensure the treatment is right for them. It makes weight loss simple by suppressing your appetite. There are no feelings of hunger and anger, or being hangry, and the weight just comes off.

And while you can meet with a doctor to discuss your specific issues and have personal guidance along the way, you can also do the program on your own from the convenience of home. There is no need for insurance or blood work, and we are 100% compliant with the FDA as our medicine is compounded in a registered, FDA pharmacy. In addition, we partner with doctors at 80 clinics throughout the United States and are licensed to distribute the medication anywhere in the state of California.

What has been the biggest benefit for you in starting this new business?

I personally meet with each patient as their health coach to review their specific needs, and it’s extremely rewarding to see their results. Many people come to us after being frustrated with many other diets. Then, they follow the program, and the weight comes off.

They are happier and have more self-esteem because they are losing weight, but they also have more energy and look at life differently. Patients are avoiding the devastating effects of diabetes with this program, so this business has become a huge passion for me.

What would you tell other women who are hesitant about starting a new business?

It can be scary to start something new, but if you are passionate about it, and something inside of you is telling you to pursue it, you should go for it. Just make a plan and conduct a lot of research before moving forward. Be careful about which marketing services you use and ensure they are right for your business and budget, and work with others who share your enthusiasm. You can always start small, test ideas and grow from there.

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