Ditch the Performance Review?

If you’ve ever had one or given one, you know the annual performance review is outdated and ready for a revamp. Plus, once a year isn’t enough.

A recent study by UCLA professor Samuel Culbert goes further, saying it’s time to Get rid of the performance review! He says the annual review pits employees against one another, undermines relationships between bosses and subordinates, rewards personality over performance and decimates the bottom line.

The study suggests an alternative: The performance preview. The goal is to help employees be happier, more productive and honest at work.

Consider frequent reviews and ongoing communication throughout the year, says PositiveSharing.com.

Can’t do away with the annual review just yet? Try making it a two-way conversation, focus on the positive, discuss any issues the employee might have and be a good listener, suggests D&B Small Business.

Bonus PINK Link: Give the performance of a lifetime and ace your next employee review.

Minute Mentoring: Performance Reviews have legal implications, too. Details in this Minute Mentoring segment.

By Cynthia Good

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship.” Louisa May Alcott

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