The Best Strategic Investments You Can Make In 2021

Lately, many people have had to endure many restrictions on their lives due to the coronavirus pandemic. A deep eagerness to take back control would be the natural response to this. 

Investment opportunities are just one of the ways many are getting back in touch with their sense of agency. With news from last year indicating that more young people are planning to invest within the year as a direct response to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s worth considering what lucrative opportunities people want a slice of today. How do these opportunities take shape?   

Here are the best strategic investments you can make in 2021:

Smaller Companies

It’s no secret to say that smaller companies have struggled greatly in recent times. 

However, the combined bouts of uncertainty provided by Brexit and the coronavirus have undoubtedly made shares in smaller companies cheaper to secure. Elements of risk remain involved but so long as you choose companies that are capable of trading through the economic downturn and hitting the ground running on the upturn, you could stand to make a tidy sum later down the line.

Consumer interest will never dwindle in sectors such as technology, gaming, beauty, and fitness, for example. Customers will spend big in these areas, even with smaller companies, and being an investor through their surging trajectories of success will be a smart move to make. Shop around for the businesses that are poised to take the market by storm and go from there.


After a year spent stifled indoors, many homeowners will no doubt be looking to move to larger pastures new.

This is a trend that leading Realtor Rightmove estimates, predicting a 4% property price growth over the next 12 months that will offset any negative marketing developments. You may need to seek out more flexible lenders and bridging loans to make things workable here, but ultimately, the property market is yet another area where the coronavirus has kept things stifled for too long. 

Whether you to choose to rent out a property or stash some funds away in development, there is much to be gained here if you are braced for the flurry of movers. It may even be a good idea to ask around your network of contacts to see if they’re planning to move. After all, the pandemic has sadly caused spikes in break-ups and divorces, so it might be that many people will be looking for a new place to call home under those circumstances also.


Cryptocurrency is a remarkable thing, turning what many consider to be misfits into millionaires in a short span of time, in some cases.

These digital coins have proven to be lucrative investments for the fortunate few, as their value ebbs and flows rather dramatically over time. Once at their peak prices, they’re typically sold for a large sum. An additional appeal lies in the fact that this type of investment is private, free from bank oversight and regulations.

Before you do this, you need to find out which digital marketplace is right for you. Firms like Traders of Crypto will help you discover the right cryptocurrency exchange for your efforts and walk you through the correct ways of using them. Additionally, they detail all the vital precautions and research you must undertake before deciding which cryptocurrency exchange you want to use. To get a head start on any crypto investments, consult their expertise first.

Many signpost cryptocurrencies as being the future of trade at large. Indeed, digital currency has been growing in popularity for quite some time, so getting in on the action now should give you a clear advantage when they do inevitably attract mainstream appeal in the near future.

Self-Invested Personal Pensions

Due to the turbulent year, everyone has had, no doubt many people are turning their minds to finally retiring from all the stress and woe.

This might be a good motivator for investing in a self-invested personal pension. It works similarly to a personal pension, though differs slightly in that you pay your own contributions for an extra boost. Why not add some extra financial umph to your retirement years?

Of course, the purpose of your twilight years is to truly relax and do what you like without a care in the world. That’s precisely what a self-invested personal pension can support you in doing. After much of the uncertainty, the pandemic has wrought, knowing that you have some money stashed away for later life will at least give you some measure of certainty to take comfort in.


There’re many investment opportunities for you to consider that should be lucrative until the year’s end, and potentially beyond also in the case of cryptocurrencies. After a stifling and restrictive year, many of these opportunities are underpinned by a sense of liberation. Whether it’s taking back control of your life or even supporting smaller companies in need, investment is the way in which many people are looking to break free from bleaker times. Why not follow suit?

“With a good perspective on history, we can have a better understanding of the past and present, and thus a clear vision of the future.” – Carlos Slim Helu

By Ella Woodward

Photos by and Christina Wocintechchat

Ella Woodward is an expert in business knowledge, finance, and investment spaces.

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