Property Investment Opportunities in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is famous for its culture, architecture, and history. Despite expensive properties, Edinburgh is a suitable place for property investors. This commercial and business city has several employment opportunities in finance, banking, education, health, and public administration.

If you are traveling for research purpose, make sure to get a travel insurance plan. It will help you to cover uncertain expenses. Property investment and renting in Edinburgh is an emerging industry for highly paid talent and entrepreneurs.

You can find potential clients from tech, digital, creative, software, and life sciences industries. Remember, Edinburgh is a hub for civil servants and politicians. It is a famous tourist destination because of several attractive destinations.

Amenities in Edinburgh
Edinburgh is famous for its workday facilities that anyone can expect in a capital city. It is renowned for its culture, arts, and history. Roads of this city are congested; therefore, tenants will not face any transport issues. Moreover, Edinburgh airport is located in the center of town.

Moreover, they are planning to extend the tram network of Edinburgh. The new tram line will run in the center of City from St. Andrew Square through Picardy Place, Balfour Street, McDonald Road, The Shore, and Foot of the Walk, Ocean Terminal, and Port of Leith to Newhaven. These locations will become new hotspots for property investment in Edinburgh.

Value of Property in Edinburgh
The average prices of properties in Edinburgh are the highest than any other UK city. The current price is £226,6700, but property investors are interested in these super-expensive streets. If you need a house in EH4 Ann Street, you will need almost £1.7 million.

There is no need to worry because you can find some budget districts in Edinburgh. At Rightmove or Zoopla, the property of Edinburgh starts from almost £60,000.

Investment Opportunities
If you want to invest in Edinburgh property, you have to understand the system of selling and buying properties. This system is different from Wales and England. The system of LBTT (Land and Building Transaction Tax or stamp duty is similar to Scotland.

Scotland has a registration scheme for landlords, so you have to register your property before renting it out. Moreover, tenancy law is different from Wales and England. Short term rentals may not get access to a few buildings in Airbnb rental of Edinburgh.

Property Market of Edinburgh
The property market of Edinburgh may vary; therefore, you can’t follow a generalization guide. Here are some best places to invest in Edinburgh.

New Town and Old Town: City Center
With over 37,000 populations, City Center has almost two towns. In Old Town, you can find Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle. The New Town has a famous Princes Street. The price of an average house in the City Center is £447,400.

West End (Haymarket) Dalry
In the west end of the New Municipality, you can access City Center and famous residential spots. These places are moderately priced as compared to the instantaneous city center. Darly has different traditional tenements in Edinburgh that are suitable for let to buy investors. 

The city center is excellent for tourist rentals and city living. Remember, these areas are expensive than the West End. The EH1, EH2, and EH3 areas are costly places to yield more rents.

Photo by Peter Cordes

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