Recession Resolutions for 2010

In Little PINK Book we’ve written much about the subtle benefits of the recession. (Think new jobs/opportunities for women, stern reminders that we need to budget and plan for the future, back to basic values, etc.) Also since the Great Recession hit, many have learned that more wasn’t always better because of the price attached.

 Also on the positive side, the recession provides the chance to rethink New Year’s resolutions in light of our new economy. It’s the chance to live more simply. It’s the opposite of deprivation. For most of us, it’s a revelation.

So here are my 10 Resolutions for 2010:

1. Adopt a greener life. Toss out and consume less. Travel with reusable bags. Turn off lights. Turn down the heat. Carpool more often with my husband to work.

2. Stick to the budget. We always talk about it. But this year we finally have a real plan to get out of debt, save for retirement, put dollars in a fund for the kids’ college education.

3. Cook together. This way we get to be together and enjoy one another while making a meal. We’ll also spend less on eating out. When eating out, I’ll choose less expensive restaurants.

4. Make drinks to go. I’ll make coffee/tea at home when possible and take it to-go instead of always heading directly to Starbucks. When it comes to wine, it will be fun to try new varieties and become more knowledgeable rather than being in a rush and just purchasing an expensive bottle I know is good.

5. Buy smaller, more meaningful gifts for others. The note that goes with a gift is always my favorite part.

6. Stay healthy for free. We’ll walk around the park and go biking more often. Work in the garden too.

7. Shop more at the farmer’s market to find local, fresh eggs and vegetables. It’s become our Saturday morning ritual to explore the local outdoor markets. We get to meet the farmers and support them and enjoy what’s in season, instead of processed, transported and shelved grocery store items.

8. Find chic clothes for less. Friends and I have long enjoyed our annual clothes swap. (One woman’s outdated dress is another’s treasure). We bring snacks and wine and donate the clothes no one wants to a women’s shelter. And enjoy shopping for, and selling, slightly worn clothes at consignment shops.

9. Teach/learn responsibility. We’ll do more chores at home, i.e. laundry. (Who needs a housekeeper every day anyway!) It’s also good because it teaches our teenage boys responsibility – plus the towels come out just the way you like.

10. We’ll remember to thine own self be enough. This New Year is a reminder to finally be OK with being enough rather than always striving for elusive perfection.

Books On Cynthia’s Bedside Table:

1. Your Child’s Strengths, by Jenifer Fox

2. Neurosis and Human Growth, by Karen Horney

3. Traveling with Pomegranates, by Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor

4. Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life, by Greg Levoy

By Cynthia Good

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