It’s Time for A Sales Bloom!

Quick Tips to Energize Your Business and Sales!

The sun is out. The birds are singing. You are ready to jumpstart sales for your business with something fresh and new.

So, where do you start?

Here are a few tips to help your business bloom in the weeks ahead!

— Build a Team.

Build a sales teamDo you spend way too much time on administrative tasks, employee issues, tech problems, and projects outside of your area of expertise?
Instead, hire someone else to do this work for you!

There are plenty of freelancers, interns, part-time workers, experienced consultants, and more who can help you finish all of this work at different price points. Stop doing all of these “busy” tasks that keep you from your core business responsibilities!


What are your customers telling your service reps?
What is going on with the competition?
What’s the buzz online?

The only way to give your current and potential customers what they want is to listen to their needs!

You can find some juicy nuggets of information via social media posts and by listening to customer service calls that can give you a competitive edge!

O — Opportunity Awaits.

What new and exciting activities can you begin that will provide value, build positive word-of-mouth and help you get in front of the people you need to meet?

Can you participate in charity events, speak at conferences, write a book, or something else? Your target market is hungry for fresh ideas. Give them what they want, and opportunity will knock!

O — Overcome Obstacles.

As an entrepreneur, you run into many challenges on a daily basis. Instead of watching your blood pressure rise, keep a positive attitude.
Reach out to your network of friends, business associates and more for support. Educate yourself on the issue at hand to make good decisions to move forward. Your confidence levels will rise, and these “major” obstacles will just turn into little hiccups!

Sales will bloom when you make time for you!M — Make Time For You.

Who does this? You do!

With so much going on, you probably don’t stop to take a break until you are completely worn out or just plain overwhelmed. Instead, try to schedule some “Me” time each day and a vacation every few weeks.

This can include going for a walk while breathing deeply, spending a day pampering yourself, going away for the weekend, or taking a full-blown trip to a sunny destination. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, just schedule some time to actually think and relax. Otherwise, your energy levels to grow your business will fizzle.

Spring is for Fresh Beginnings (and more sales)!

By hiring good team members, listening to your customers, acting on new ideas, overcoming challenges, and taking a moment to breathe, you will see positive growth in your business. Sales will rise along with your confidence and energy levels.

Are you ready to bloom?!

Author Melanie Rembrandt.
Want more time to thrive? Melanie Rembrandt is one of the country’s top, small business, public relations’ experts and the founder of Rembrandt Communications®, LLC and The Small Business PR Academy. She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide through her strategic copywriting, articles in leading publications (Medium, Thrive Global, Harvard Business Review, Success, Under Armour, Office Depot, etc.), presentations at Dan Kennedy’s No B.S., Rich Dad, American Writers and Artists Inc., PINK, and many other events, and the “Simplify Your Business” C-Suite Radio podcast. Melanie has appeared on all of the major television networks and is the author of “Simple Publicity,” “Secrets of Becoming a Publicist” and “Dance Class Etiquette.” Not at her desk? You’ll probably find Melanie helping others, kickboxing, dancing, or scuba diving with sharks! For more information, visit or subscribe to her YouTube Channel for regular quick tips for your business.

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