How to Improve Your Sales Copy Fast!

5 Simple Steps to Sales-Copy Success

You are a small-business owner with a non-existent, content-marketing budget. This means you write all of your sales materials and hope for the best.

Well, don’t despair!

Even though you can’t hire a professional copywriter or content strategist right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t steal a few of their tricks to write “copy that sells.”

And the best part is, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to see drastic results. So…

Got 20 Minutes or Less? Boost your sales with these, five content tricks!

  1. Use the Spell-and-Grammar-Check-Feature.
    Ok. This may be a lame tip, but you’d be surprised how many Web pages, brochures, press releases, blogs, and more go live with errors. Avoid making a bad, first-impression and hit the spell-and-grammar-check button! Then, read everything one last time to ensure your content is correct and looks professional.
  2. Shorten Sentences and Paragraphs.
    Read your sentences aloud. Are they long-winded? If so, edit them so they are short and sweet. Then, cut your paragraphs too. This will make it easier-to-read and help you convey your points more succinctly.
  3. Add Sub-Headers.
    To break up your content even more, add small headlines, or sub-heads, before you start a paragraph that discusses a new point in your copy. Many people will just scan these headlines so ensure that they provide valuable information. This is also a great place to enter keyword phrases for the search engines.
  4. Replace Verbs with Action.
    Review your sentences and see if you write with verbs that talk about actions in the past. For example, do you say things like “we went,” “this happened,” “she said,” “they discussed,” etc.? If so, go through your content, and change all of the passive verbs to action verbs such as go, happens, says, discuss, etc. These updates will add a sense of urgency to your content… which is much more exciting to read then things that happened in the past!
  1. Add a Call-to-Action.
    What happens at the bottom of your content? Just it just end, and that’s it?

If so, add a question with a feedback-area, link to a specific Website-page where people can get more information, ask readers to join your newsletter, and more. Keep site visitors engaged and on your Website by giving them a specific, action to take. Then, track that action to see if your content is doing what you want it to do.

Done. You just improved your content.

If you want better results from your content, steal these tips from the pros. Within 20 minutes or less, you can fix errors, make your copy easier to read, add excitement, communicate your message, and more.

Simple steps? Yes! But, they can make a huge different on sales and credibility for your business.

Now, what are you going to do to improve your content in minutes?

For additional help with your content-marketing strategy, please see these insights and feel free to contact me here.

Author Melanie Rembrandt helps business owners boost sales, awareness and credibility with targeted, SEO content-marketing strategy, public relations, and social media. For valuable articles and assistance with your business, contact her and her team at Rembrandt Communications®, LLC,

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