Public Relations Is Different For Small Businesses

Why is Small Business Public Relations, or PR, Different?

Is small business PR different than regular public relations? As an entrepreneur, you want to get the word our about your business and build positive buzz.

However, there are some key challenges you need to deal with that established, larger businesses do not…

3 Reasons Why Small Business PR is Different than Regular Public Relations

1. The media has no idea who you are.

While established businesses have regular media contacts, new small business owners need to spend time cultivating relationships with the right media members.

This means you have to conduct research and find the reporters, producers, social-media influencers, and more who cover your industry.

Then, you have to call them, introduce yourself and let them know what you have to offer. They will not be able to create stories about your business unless they know you exist!

2. Education is key.

Small business public relations can help you grow fast!In addition to contacting the media to introduce yourself as an expert in your field, you also need to let potential customers know you are open for business. After all, they’ve never heard of you and have no idea who you are, what you offer or if you are a reputable organization or not.

Your marketing strategy will play a huge role in this area, but these activities need to work carefully with your PR efforts. Initial communications about how your products and services solve customer problems in a unique way need to get out quickly and effectively.

3. Money is tight.

Not many entrepreneurs can afford to spend money on a big PR agency to promote their new products and services. This means that you probably need to spend the time and effort doing the work yourself (or hire an experienced, small business PR expert who offers less-expensive options).

The good news is that media members will probably be more interested in what you have to say because you are new. And, they’d rather talk to you directly rather than deal with a big, PR agency representative. Also, if you get through to a media member, and they publish a story about your business, that one interview can catapult online awareness and sales for your business fast…. and all it costs is your time.

Small Business PR is Different, But It Can Work Wonders.

If you just started a new business, don’t worry about not having the budget to hire a big, PR agency.

What’s important is to focus your efforts on developing the right message and then letting media members and potential customers know what unique solutions you have for them.

While established businesses are known, you’ll need to spend more time introducing yourself and educating your audiences about your new products and services. But, it can be well worth the effort.

You might just get a major media story written about your business, and that can equal huge sales, online awareness and third-party credibility you simply can’t buy!

Author Melanie Rembrandt is a published author, speaker and PR content management expert who helps entrepreneurs boost sales, awareness and credibility fast with a unique combination of targeted, SEO content-marketing strategy and public relations. Check out her Small Business PR Academy at

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