The Dream of Real Diversity

As we continue to progress for the better for women in the work place, at times it can appear like the journey is over. Little PINK Book highlights and profiles amazing women in various fields for beating the odds in corporate America, entrepreneurial success and leadership in non-profit organizations. One idea that remains to be fully realized is more diversity among these roles. Through my journey in corporate America, as a entrepreneur, blogger and student, I have found the best results are cultivated when working and receiving feedback with a diverse team of individuals.

Women offer a very different, nurturing and extremely valuable perspective in the work environment, especially in male dominated arenas. Having a diverse group of women represented takes this to another level for the success of everyone.

Growing up in the mid-west in a small conservative town, I was not surrounded by much diversity. However, I was fortunate enough to have an awesome group of girlfriends that was extremely diverse.
Maturing and learning from women that were culturally different from me was vital to my perspective of the world, my ability to adapt in different environments and eventually a well rounded team player.

Companies and organizations of all sizes must continue to make strides in the areas of diversity. Having a team with a rich smorgasbord of ethnicity, culture and background experiences is key to getting unique results you don’t find everyday. For the most part, we are headed in the right direction. Perhaps a revised approach should be taken to insure diversity continues to shine through in all areas of recruitment.

Let’s continue to build, engage and share our varied experiences. A world where everyone contributes and is represented, is one that I am dreaming of.

-Tina B.


Tina Terrell Brown is a lifestyle, brand and marketing consultant, researcher and blogger. Visit her blog Lifestyle with Tina B and follow her on Facebook and Pinterest.

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