The Importance of Having a Branded Website

 The Importance of Having a Branded Website

By Kristen Bradley

Using the internet to discover new brands is a common practice in today’s world, so having a branded website is essential to grow and expand your company or brand, to a larger audience. If you are looking to grow in revenue and in followers, branding your website is the first step to doing so. It helps to create a memorable experience for all visitors who stumble upon the site, themselves.

How to create a branded website

Before you begin branding your website, review the purpose of your website,and the target demographic you intend to reach. This includes specific age ranges, gender and the interests you want your audience to have in mind. This will allow you to eliminate various web styles and looks of your logo that are unappealing to anyone other than your audience. Creating an appealing logo and selecting a color scheme of no more than four colors is a way to get started on branding your website without making the site too busy or hard to read. Researching your target audience allows you to compare styles and appealing website looks when you are creating a new layout for it yourself. Researching will give you new ideas and focus on a specific style of design when you are designing the site yourself, or working with professionals.

How branded homepages help grow a brand

With a properly branded website, you can help increase the number of page views and return visitors you receive. Additionally, an attractive and eye-catching website and logo encourages others to spread the word. What better way to share your website’s content using social media? A well-designed website often signifies professionalism and credibility, helping to boost your online reputation. If you use the same logo repeatedly, not only on your website but also on your social media accounts, you are increasing brand recognition while spreading brand awareness. These sharing tools are free, and only take a few minutes to implement. Keeping a logo and branding consistent spreads the name and purpose of your brand to a vast audience over time.

Creating a branded site reaches your intended audience while also expanding the possibilities of finding new followers and loyal customers. When you put time and effort into properly branding your website, you may find visitors will spend more time browsing due to its appealing look, or its accessibility to the products and services offered.

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