The Side Business: Is It Worth It?

Experts agree, hobbies help alleviate stress. And for the female professional, stress management will always be part of the gig. So whether it be culinary, crafty or something else, hobbies contribute to a balanced life.

But have you ever wondered if your passion can turn a profit?

With a side venture comes a new set of responsibilities, and entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart.

So for many, actively taking on additional duties can seem unattractive, even impossible.

But for Juli Denike, Senior Strategist at THREE Group and founder of InspiriBody, a side business helps her keep balance. InspiriBody is a collection of handmade bath and body products, with luxurious offerings such as honeysuckle lotion and orange rosemary soap.

“It’s something just for me. I get into my shop and it’s a time for me to be creative and to forget everything else.”

As a one-woman shop, Juli admits that it can be overwhelming. There are many days she wakes up at 5 am to tackle invoices or promotion plans before heading to the office. But the gratification makes it all worth it.

She also explains how InspiriBody actually enhances her career with THREE.

“At the end of the day, if I just can’t stop thinking about a project at work, I’ll go into my shop and work on a new product or make a restock of soap. It helps clear my mind because it’s something fun and something I love. When I emerge, I am ready to handle my world again, and I smell fantastic too!”

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? Do something because you love it, not for the money, otherwise you will quickly burn out. Because after a grueling 12-hour workday, it’s passion that will keep you going.

By Amanda Mccoy
Photo by Bike Rider London | Shutterstock

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