Top 10 Business Blogs for Women

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By Caroline Cox & Muriel Vega


Women turn to blogs nearly twice as often as social networking sites to find information and share opinions, so it’s no surprise women business blogs are booming. Blogs are a great way to find resources, connect with other career women and share tips, advice and words of wisdom. Furthermore, blogs can connect businesswomen who are driven to succeed and gain equity at work and joy in life, the same mission we have here at PINK.


Here is PINK’s list of the top business blogs for women, based on site traffic, credibility and business know-how:

Brazen Careerist: Penelope Trunk’s blog is her third start-up. Through her posts, she caters to Generation Y and dispenses career management advice, like how to ignore people who steal ideas or effective ways to pay attention during a conference call.

She Takes on the World: Started by Natalie MacNeil, this Stevie Awards finalist for Blog of the Year caters to your dream career. With features like interviews with up-and-coming businesswomen and tips on how to focus on your future, founder MacNeil puts her entrepreneurship experiences to work and provides plenty of career-savvy advice through posts.

The Glass Hammer: Their tagline is short but powerful: “smart women in numbers.” With a focus on finance, law and business, this online community hosts hundreds of bloggers, is one of the top leadership blogs and addresses tough subjects like gender discrimination and failure.

BlogHer: At “23+ million unique visitors per month,” BlogHer is the largest female blogging community. In addition to being a blog-hosting site, they also hold conferences and have a publishing network for blogs written by qualified, professional women.

Women on Business: CEO Susan Gunelius has worked at some of the world’s largest companies for nearly 20 years and has written several books. Forbes put Women on Business in their list of the Top 100 Websites for Women (along with PINK!) and the site offers sources, ways to contribute and even posts job openings around the U.S.

She-conomy: This blog focuses on and recognizes the marketing power women have (they make 85 percent of all brand purchases) and how untapped their market is. Packed with up-to-date news, statistics and frequent lists of top brands that women value, this blog is a resource for companies trying to cater better to their female audience.

Flokka: If you’re looking to start your own blog to share your business experience and workplace wisdom, Flokka is the place to start. They help you easily set up your blog and connect with fellow businesswomen bloggers. They even offer benefits, like the opportunity to be featured on their homepage and the ability to earn a percentage of their ad revenue.

Women Grow Business: From topics like “The Work Impacts of Domestic Violence” to “Release Yourself from the Press Release” and “The Myth of Brand Control,” WGB is a great resource for timely topics, a wealth of advice and a forum to discuss the issues that matter to career women.

The Boss of You: Two business partners started this blog, focused on women who can successfully run their own business—they recently turned the idea into a book of the same title. Their blog focuses on independent, creative women mastering the business world.

Making It Legal: Hosted by, award-winning attorney, author and speaker Nina Kaufman’s blog focuses on helping your business avoid legal hurdles. She also offers a plethora of legal resources and uses her well-honed humor to keep her posts interesting.

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