Trade School Training for Women

An Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Bieter, ATI Trade Schools Director of Admissions.

With all the news about the high cost of college, trade school is becoming a popular option for adults of all ages nationwide. We recently caught up with Dr. Elizabeth Bieter, the Director of Admissions at ATI Trade Schools,, to learn more…

Dr. Liz Bieter of ATI Trade Schools,

Dr. Elizabeth Bieter of ATI Trade Schools,

Tell us a little about your background.

I have nine older siblings, and education has always been a priority in my family. I love to learn, and that’s why I have two PhDs! I’ve always been in male-driven industries managing a lumber company, a propane company and working with the public utilities company for our municipality here in Minnesota.

In 2020, I started working with ATI Trade Schools and was attracted to it because it is a growing company that helps people start fantastic careers outside of college. I’m in charge of their admissions process, managing financials and promotions and keeping things running smoothly.

Why do you think trade schools are a good alternative to college?

By learning a skill in electrical, plumbing, locksmithing, or another trade, you have a much quicker path to a well-paying and fulfilling career. College is much more expensive and takes four years or longer. Many of our students start working in just a couple of months!

With trade skill training, you focus on the key skills necessary and don’t waste energy or money taking classes outside of your specific industry. Plus, there is a huge demand for trade skill workers right now, so you can start a great career quickly.

Do you see a lot of women going to trade school now?

While many women just didn’t consider it in the past, many more women are becoming skilled tradespeople now and seeing all of the benefits available.

They can have flexible schedules that allow them to have a family, use their minds to solve problems and enjoy a fulfilling career instead of a dead-end job. When you learn a trade, you are constantly evolving, learning new things and troubleshooting. You provide great value, help others and are open to many opportunities.

What is the process of going to trade school?

Anyone can take classes online at their pace when it’s convenient for them, and there is no deadline.

They learn basic theories, and upon completion, they can move into an apprenticeship position above minimum wage and quickly progress beyond that. We also offer the courses to companies nationwide so that their employees receive consistent training pertinent to federal law.

Why should women looking for a new career consider trade school?

It offers a lifelong, fulfilling career where you use your mind. You can make a great living with a fantastic income and still spend time with your family. You can purchase the things you want in life and look forward to a good retirement.

Best of all, you provide valuable services that help others and can even save lives. There is absolutely no reason that a woman should dismiss the idea of going into the trades. It provides a lifelong career and lifelong learning

Thanks so much, Dr. Bieter!

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