We Have a Canyon Ranch Winner!

Susannah Kim of California is the winner of Little PINK Book’s Canyon Ranch Facebook photo contest! She’ll enjoy a full week of relax and relaxation at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona – a prize package valued at over $8,000.

And, believe us. She deserves it. Her entry says it all.

“A top tier business school wanted to take back their acceptance letter when they learned I was pregnant … using the excuse that it would be too hard to take care of a newborn and go to business school fulltime. But I was determined to follow my dream.”

Now, a decade later, the successful California mother of three shares her story to pave the way for other women to also have courage to do what they love.

How does she prioritize her beautifully hectic, exciting life?

She stays fit: “I run six miles a day, followed by a meditation session to reboot and unwind,” says Kim.

Eats well: She starts her days with oatmeal, organic soymilk and green juice (kale, spinach and kiwi).

And, isn’t afraid to ask for help: “I am not afraid to say ‘no’ or to delegate at home,” she adds.

“Winning the Canyon Ranch contest means taking the first trip for myself, ever.”

We congratulate her!

Read our exclusive story coming soon on Little PINK Book!

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