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It’s one of those maddening in-equalities: Men are rarely judged by their clothing or haircut, but as women, we continue to be evaluated by our appearance. Two experts, Mischa Murphy, lead instructor, and Hannah Johnson, director, at Studio Crush School of Makeup, offer Pink readers winning tips on makeup and attire for the workplace. Plus, EVERYWHERE Agency CEO Danica Kombol offers ideas on branding yourself which is a must in today’s business climate.

These are the experts assembled by PINK for our recent Executive Presence Workshop – part of PINK’s year-long consulting program for companies interested in boosting their Diversity & Inclusion programs. We wanted to share some of the take-aways with you from the stunning Southern Exposure ATL event space in West Midtown Atlanta.

Face Paint
Makeup tips from Studio Crush School of Makeup, lead instructor Mischa Murphy

  • DO put on the confidence with the makeup.
  • DON’T let your makeup distract from your face.
  • DO use colors just a little deeper than your own skin tone for lips and eyeshadow.
  • DON’T make your eyeshadow memorable.
  • DON’T use black on your eyebrows.
  • DO use at least mascara and lip balm.
  • DON’T over powder.
  • DO use your concealer last.
  • DO wear bright lipstick and own it!

Body Armor
Wardrobe tips from fashion stylist and Studio Crush School of Makeup director Hannah Johnson

  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look great.
  • Pick two to five colors and stick with them.
  • Have 30 go-to outfits in your closet with these pieces: six shirts, five bottoms that match at least three tops, two jackets, two cardigans, two dresses, two bags, six pairs of shoes and pair of sweater tights.
  • Update your look by adding cute, inexpensive accessories with a pop of color or shine.
  • Mix and match colors like silver and gold, black and navy, camel and navy.
  • Look for sales on accessories at stories such as Target, H&M, J.Crew and Banana Republic.
  • Wear skirts to the knee or mid-calf with heels.
  • Pants and skirts should fit perfectly through the hip and thigh – it’s easy to alter the waist and length.
  • Invest in a good bag.
  • Have a go-to dress in your closet that always makes you feel confident!
  • Remember comfort is key.


Danica Kombol, CEO of the EVERYWHERE Agency, named Marketer of the Year, 2019 by AMA Atlanta, offers tips on influencer marketing since someone in business will likely google you.

  • Lean into your vulnerability, your discomfort, your story. Share who you are.
  • Share what you’re passionate about i.e. your hobbies, your family.
  • Define who you want to be.
  • Weave your own digital tapestry. Google’s not going to do it for you. 
  • Update your LinkedIn status. Make sure it has your photo.
  • Share your accolades, thank your team on social media.
  • Offices are like a family and everyone is assigned a role. If you don’t like your role, change it.
  • You’ve got to be near the table to get a seat at the table.
  • Practice the art of humble bragging.
  • Say ‘yes!’ to public speaking opportunities.
  • #BeBoldAF!

“Success looks gorgeous on you!” Cynthia Good, CEO PINK

By Cynthia Good & Mickey Goodman
Photos by Rob Brinson

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