You’ve Got The Magic Wand. Use it!

Have you ever experienced a time when you were really clear about a big goal or move in your life and career, and everything harmonized with your values and your authentic desires? You had a vision that tickled your sweet spot; you were in the right place at the right time doing the right things with the right people. In fact, you were in the zone.

It was like magic, and you had the wand. How did that feel? Would you like to experience this more?

When we have our very own determined ideal for our life, one that resonates completely and authentically with us personally (it doesn’t matter how small or large) it’s like holding a magic wand. Everything else can evolve from here.

When you hold the magic wand you can create and maintain harmony in your life. The moment you realize you are becoming inharmonious or off-balance you will have the power to arrest all the outside forces and busy-ness that takes away from your ideal. When things slip off a little you will be able to observe and analyze your mood level, change your attitude and get back on the path of harmony. While holding your magic wand you will have the ability to stand firm and hold your position — defending your attitude against all the destructive forces that will no doubt, come upon you and against you while you are working on your ideal.

With the magic wand you will refuse to attack anyone or anything; you will not speak badly of anyone because you will have the ability to defend yourself and your ideal without offending others. You will be liberated from any kind of resentment or resistance.

Your determined ideal is your magic wand.

By Chloé Taylor Brown

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